10 St. Patrick's Day fashion finds under $25

Time to get green!

St. Patrick’s Day is just days away (March 17, to be exact!). This year, ditch your tired, old green “I’m lucky” T-shirt and show your Irish pride with these on-trend items.

Baseball cap, $15
This distressed denim look can be paired with just about anything: that old green dress in your closet, more denim, ofc, and even green sweats (yes, rly). Bonus: It's as stylish as it is useful for blocking out the sun (and the haters).

Pajamas, $22
With these PJs, you can continue your St. Patrick’s Day celebration all night long. Isn't that awsome?

Patterned shirt, $20
Cast aside your basic white tee and trade it in for this cute take on the classic. Pair this with some cute denim jeans, and you will become a style-icon in the making. St. Patrick's day won't be ready for you!

Socks, $2
Socks are must haves. This year keep the St. Patrick look going even with your socks. Sure, maybe no one will see them—but at least *you'll* know that you're repping Ireland from head to toe. These super affordable socks are one size fit all, so every one of you can rock these with your outfit. 

Sweater, $25
This sweet sweatshirt is basically the best of St. Patrick’s Day gear meets your fave ugly holiday sweater—and we lowkey love it. The 3D, sparkly style is so OTT, making you ready for any and every celebration.

Cropped cami, $10
This is a look! If it's ultra-sunny this weekend, you can rock this on its own. A bit chilly? Throw a denim jacket, cardi or bomber jacket over top.

Necklaces, $4
No outfit is complete without jewelry. Style up your St. Patrick’s Day vibe with these layered chokers.

Earrings, $4
Earrings are everything. Even those these have a distinct Irish vibe, you can wear them year round for good luck. Amazing, right?

Headband, $4
March 17 is the *only* day of the year it's socially accpetable to rock this ridic headband, so why not go for it?

Sneakers, $100
OK, yes, these sneaks are way outside of the price point, but they're *so* festive! These St. Paddy's-inspired shoes are stylish enough to rock to any party *and* keep your feet comfy during any parades or festivals you participate in.

What stylish look will you be rocking this St. Patrick's Day?


by Taisha Khalil | 3/12/2019