Your guide to finding the perf summer swimsuit

Swimsuit shopping is one of the toughest parts of the year, especially when there are so many expectations for how we should look. But here's the thing: You should be allowed to feel confident, happy and secure in your swimsuit, no matter which style suit you choose.

Scroll down to see our guide for picking the perf  bathing suit for your bod regardless of body type or confidence level.

1. Get comfy

First and foremost, choosing a swimsuit is all about comfort. Ask yourself what you're going to be most comfortable in throughout the summer.

For example, if you have larger breasts, you'll likely want to find a cute bathing suit top with an underwire that provides adequate support and coverage. Alternatively, if you aren't obsessed with the way your tummy looks, seek out a pair of adorbs high-waisted bottoms to pair with any bikini top or look for a one-piece suit.

2. Don't swap quality for $


It's def tempting to go for the cheapest option on the rack, but that clearance suit may not last you the entire summer.

But being a teen means you're not exactly flush with cash, so we get being in a money crunch. If you're going to snag a suit on the cheap, make sure you pick up a second as well. That way, one is guaranteed to stay with you for every beach trip, no matter how many times you find yourself in the water.

3. Color matching is for more than foundation

Just like when you're choosing makeup for your skin tone, find swimsuits in colors that coordinate with your eyes and undertones to find the perfect match. Have blue eyes? Try a pink or light blue suit. Have red undertones in your skin? Mustard yellow and greens will look great on you. But remember this: If you love it the print, pattern or color? Just buy it regardless!

4. Know that sizing isn't universal

Now that you've decided on every other aspect of the perf swimsuit for you, it's time to find the right fit. While you may be a certain size at your first shopping stop, the next one you walk into may have a different size chart entirely. Spending a little extra time in the dressing room now can mean breezier beach days for the rest of the summer.

Also, know that it isn't the end of the world if your size changed from last year. Your body is amaze no matter what.

5. Find a cute cover-up to match

It's amazing that you found a sweet swimsuit to get you through for the summer, but having something to cover-up with when you're done splashing and tanning can be just as important as being swim-ready. Try to find something neutralthat matches all of your  suit you own to save you money, and p much anywhere that sells swimsuits will have cover-ups.

Which type of swimsuit is your fave? Share your shopping experiences (and what you picked!) with us below.

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by Logan Potter | 5/21/2019