Brr, it's (getting) cold outside! A roundup of our fave fall outerwear

Although we *hate* to say goodbye to summer: bathing suits, fizzy lemonade and cute lifeguards (wink wink!), nothing can beat fall fashion. Here's our *fave* fall outerwear to help dive right into autumn. 

Puffer Jacket

One of the hottest new coats this season is the puffer jacket. These will keep the cold out and will pair perfectly with *all* of your fave fall fits! Shop the puffer jacket here. 

Bomber Jacket

Bomber jackets are the must-have jacket of the season! Whether you choose the classic sporty *lewk* or a sleek embroidered satin/silk, bomber jackets should be in your wardrobe this fall. Shop the bomber jacket here.


Add a poncho to your wardrobe for those mornings when it's just too cold to get up without a blanket. Adorable *and* cozy, ponchos are the best for the chilly autumn weather! Shop the poncho here. 

Canada Goose

Tired of wearing three layers to stay warm? Add a Canada Goose to your holiday wish list. They're pricy, but worth it! Shop Canada Goose here. 

Corduroy Jacket 

This jacket is serving *all* the fall vibes. It's a great transition piece into early winter, and looks equally stunning with jeans and leggings! Shop the corduroy jacket here. 

Jean Jacket 

Jean jackets are the *crucial* mix of comfort and style, and will help you step up your fall fashion game this season! You can keep it classic with a solid light wash denim or go for a more funky patchwork piece to really show off your individuality. Shop the jean jacket here. 

Trench Coat

Hello Nancy Drew! Timeless, practical and ever-chic, trench coats look amazing over jeans or paired with the cute midi dress you've been *dying* to show off. Whether you wear it cinched at the waist with a matching belt or open to show juxtaposing high waisted shorts, trench coats are *always* flattering. Shop the trench coat here.

(Faux) Leather Jacket

A leather jacket is a simple and classic must-have piece in your wardrobe. You can dress it up or down, and it's the perfect finishing touch for any event, from school to a shopping trip to a date! Shop the faux leather jacket here. 

Sherpa Jacket

Who *hasn't* heard of the super soft teddy bear jacket fall trend? Hey, they're popular for a reason. Snuggle up in a sherpa jacket this autumn and prove you *can* be stylish and comfy at the same time. Shop Sherpa jackets here. 

Open Cardigan

Picture this: another drafty fall morning. You have an online class to join and want to look presentable while still staying cozy. What are you reaching for in your closet? A cardigan, of course! Choosing a fuzzy open cardigan completes *any* look with an extra pop. Shop the cardigan here. 


Looking for a jacket that goes with everything? Look no further. Peacoats go with every outfit, from casual jeans to the chic monochrome statement fit. Shop the peacoat here.

Quilted Jacket

Quilted jackets are the best of both worlds: warm, but lightweight and cute! Don't worry about piling on a ton of knits to stay snug, just grab a quilted jacket for *peak* warmth and style. Shop the quilted jacket here. 

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*Note: all images are from retailers*



by Lexi Casazza and Elina Graham | 10/20/2020