How to sell your clothes on Poshmark and *actually* make money

Whether you need to make room in your closet for next season's trends or just earn a little extra money, online consignment might be your new best friend. Poshmark, the e-commerce app where you can sell used clothes, shoes and accessories, has been taking the fashion world by storm. Some people have even turned their Poshmark side hustles into full-time gigs.

But getting into the clothing resale game might seem a little overwhelming. How do you stand out among millions of listings? The good news is that you can *totally* become an online consignment queen with just a little bit of effort. These Poshmark tips will have you clearing out your closet shelves and raking in the cash.

Use high-quality photos. 


The first step to a bomb listing is a good picture. An underexposed photo of a wrinkly shirt on top of your childhood bedspread probably won't cut it. Place your item in front of a plain background and snap some pics during the day for the best lighting conditions. If needed, you can boost the exposure or contrast on an editing app, but beware of adding filters. You don't want your photos to be misleading.

Make sure to get a photo of the front, back and tag of the item. Snap a close-up of any cool textures or imperfections as well. Bonus points if you can find a picture of you wearing the item! Buyers love to see how the clothes look on.

Write a detailed description.


In the item description, make sure to describe the brand, size, colors and condition. If the piece still has the tags on it, be sure to specify. Write what materials it's made of, how long it is or if there are any imperfections. The more information you can provide, the better!

Price your items fairly.


Your tried-and-true frock from fifth grade might seem like it's worth a million bucks, but be sure to price your items reasonably. If the garment has a stain or a hole, knock even more off the price. Not sure what a fair starting point is? Search for similar items on the app, and put your price somewhere in the middle. You can always adjust accordingly if you aren't getting enough interest.

Interact with similar accounts.


Poshmark is a social-based platform, and sales heavily depend on your networking skills. Follow, like and share others' listings, especially if they sell the same brands as you! Got a bunch of Nike athleisure to sell? Search for others that sell Nike products and share some of their listings. Many users will return the favor and share your items, too!

Share your listings frequently.


There's no limit on how many times you can share your own listing, so go crazy, girl! In fact, Poshmark's algorithm prioritizes accounts that are active and frequently re-share their own products. Share your listings to the app and to your personal social media accounts for lots of exposure.

Attend parties.


Poshmark hosts several virtual parties on the app each day. Attending them just means sharing your listings to the party group. Parties are a great way to show off your items to interested buyers. Party themes range from brand specific, like Best of Free People, to style specific, like Best in Jeans.

Ship it fast and add a personal touch.


Once you've made a sale, be sure to ship the item quickly so you get a good review. Thankfully, Poshmark covers the shipping cost via USPS Priority Mail. Wrap the item up in tissue paper and include a brief thank you note. Personal touches like this will make buyers feel special and keep them coming back for more!

Poshmark really is a simple way to declutter your closet and make a little extra moolah. With just a little bit of effort and patience, you'll be earning money in your sleep in no time!

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by Kat O'Neill | 12/5/2020