A guide to all the jewelry a girl could ever need

Gone are the days of glittery plastic necklaces and rubber bracelets. It's time to create a classic, stylish jewelry collection. Starting from scratch can be hard, though—there are so many options of what to buy and how to style it. No fear! We've got the perfect how-to guide on building your perfect jewelry collection. 


Simple layering necklaces are the key to a fab jewelry collection. These can be more formal, gold and silver necklaces, or...

...something beaded and fun! Either way, pick something that you like, because if it goes with everything, you'll wear it a *lot*.


Simple hoops are a great thing to have in your jewelry box, because they can elevate any outfit from drab to fab. Not a hoop girl? 

Go for some classic pearl or diamond studs like Ari's. Classic, cute and a style that will always be in. 


Like necklaces, bracelets are a perfect piece to have in both simple gold or silver, which can make any outfit more put-together.

They're also perfect to have in fun colors and styles! These bracelets can be made with your friends and add color to a casual outfit (soccer practice, chilling in sweats, etc).


If you're just looking for a simple piece of jewelry that you can forget you're even wearing, look no further! Dainty rings are great to just throw on, and they can even add some color to your outfit. 

A solid set of stackable rings is also helpful for the days when you just want to throw on a sweater and jeans, but still want to look like you put effort into your 'fit.


While a cute anklet isn't necessarily *essential* to your jewelry collection, if you want to add that extra touch of glam to a casual outfit, it's the way to go. Unlike necklaces or earrings, one anklet will typically be enough to work with any occasion!

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by Serena Sherwood | 2/24/2021