Don’t know what to wear this season? Here’s your guide to 2021’s trendiest colors

Picture this: Monday morning, and you're staring a closet full of clothes, but nothing is standing out to you. The solution to this neverending fashion dilemma? Adding more fun colors to your wardrobe! Check out these super trendy colors for 2021:


Sage green


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Sage green might have to be the color for 2021, and TBH, we're not even mad. This is the *perf* shade for all seasons and occasions!


Pastels will be having a *moment* in the spring, and what's better than a perfect pastel purple? 

Neon pink

Looking to stand out? Try a bright pink look that's comfy *and* cute.

Black and white


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A neutral, black and white look is super chic! And because the colors are chill, you can really go all out with your accessories. 

Pastel blue


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Pastel blue is one of those colors that you can wear pretty much anytime, and it's bound to look good on the 'gram!



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Okay, brown might not have been that high on your list of colors for 2021, but it's basically a more casual form of black. If you're looking for a super cute indie-inspired outfit, brown is the way to go. 

What's your go-to color in 2021? Let us know on Twitter @girlslifemag!

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by Serena Sherwood | 3/10/2021