Tired of your Air Force Ones? Here are five even more adorable summer sneakers


Now that it's summer, we are all looking forward to the best few months of spending time with our friends, going to the pool, eating the best food and going on amaze adventures. Of course, you may have already chosen the cutest fits for your *ah-mazing* plans, but have you thought about your shoes? A cute pair of sneakers can perfect any outfit, and if you're tired of wearing your Air Force Ones or just need some inspo, you have come to the right place because we are here to help!

1. Reebok Club C 85 Model

Club C 85 Model Vintage Women's Shoes, $75

This sneaker is perfect if you are looking for just a basic white sneaker that still has a little bit of character to it. The blue adds the perfect pop of color to an outfit without being too flashy. These shoes are comfortable, cute and will be perfect for any adventure this summer!

2. Floral platform Converse 

Vintage Floral Platform Chuck Taylor All Star, $70

These amaze sneakers would be the perfect addition to your closet if you are looking for a sneaker that adds the cutest details and colors to any outfit. This twist on the classic high top makes for the perfect wardrobe staple that can go with *literally* any fit! And besides, what screams summer more than pink and orange flowers!

3. Nike Blazer 

Nike Blazer Mid '77 Vintage, $100

If you just aren't quite ready to let go of your Nikes but want to branch out, the Nike Blazer is the perfect shoe for you. They're cute, comfortable and effortlessly classic. They range in colors, and you can even customize your own! Use these to dress up your casual jeans and a T-shirt look, or dress down your fave sundress fit. 

4. Platform Superga


One thing almost anyone can agree on is that tie-dye means summer. Thankfully, the past few years have made tie-dye more fashionable and less of a DIY gone wrong so that we can all wear it shamelessly all summer long. These shoes remind us of warm pool days, snow cones and fantastic summer memories. If you are as obsessed with platform shoes and summer vibes as we are, then you *need* these adorable sneakers!

5. Adidas Forum 84


If you *need* to add some color to every outfit you wear, then these Adidas sneakers belong in your closet. They have the cutest pink and green details (arguably one of the best color combos) while staying true to the classic white sneaker vibe everyone is obsessed with! If you're ready to branch into an edgier look this summer but still love a classic white sneaker, these shoes are the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe.

Have the best summer ever (and in some cute shoes)!


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by Miriam Riley | 6/24/2021