Modern summer outfits...inspired by throwback decades

As Sharpay fabulously put it in High School Musical 2out with the old and in with the new. In 2021, though, that's not always the case.

Vintage clothes are making a comeback—and whether you're thrifting or recreating a throwback TikTok fit, looking backward is an amazing way to reset your style. But what if you can't find the authentic piece you're looking for? 

No worries, we've found easy-to-shop ways to dupe iconic ~*lewks*~ from the 1950s all the way to Y2K. 

The '50s gave us some pretty iconic pieces. From T-length skirts to edgy leather accents, there's tons of ways to incorporate the era into your style. The biker-chick vibe is one of our faves. 

Color palette: Black, white and red

Shorts, $49Shirt, $8Shoes, $85Bandanas, $7

'60s fashion introduces a new wave of patterns and colors that dare to be bolder than the trends of prior decades. If pencil skirts and high necklines aren't totally your vibe, NBD. One of the main traits of '60s style is accessorizing, so start there! Pair some bright solids with some bold accessories and you're good to go. 

Color palette: Literally all of them, think flower-power color explosion

Top, $17 • Pants, $55Purse, $34 •  Sunglasses, $16Earrings, $10

For those cooler summer days, '70s outfits are the way to go. Keep some of those '60s staples in mind, especially stripes and patterns, but don't be afraid to make them the main event of your '70s fit. Bring on the flare jeans and let your hair down!

Color palette: Warm tones, especially oranges, light browns and mustard yellow with pops of blue

Jeans, $50Top, $10Bucket Hat, $15Sunglasses, $18 •  Earrings, $6

'80s fashion does a great job of combining comfort and style. Bright colors are essential. Stay cool in some looser shorts and grab those fun and bold staples to accessorize. 

Color palette: Teal, purple, yellow and hot pink—bring on the neon!

Top, $6 • Shorts, $49 • Shoes, $75 • Belt, $11 • Socks, $9 • Scrunchie, $8 • Earrings, $25

Clothing in the '90s was used as a status symbol and a form of expression, especially for teens! There are so many '90s aesthetics to choose from and so many movies that made the era so iconic. Drawing inspo from flicks like Clueless and 10 Things I Hate About You, low-rise jeans, romantic dresses, crop tops and pastels are sure to give your wardrobe a '90s feel. 

Color palette: Pastel blue, pink, yellow and green, darker neutrals like navy and grey

Dress, $49 • Top, $10 • Shoes, $80 • Purse, $39 • Headband, $12 • Necklace, $15 • Earrings, $8

For some of us, 2000s fashion isn't part of the past—we literally lived through it. We probably weren't *quite* old enough to truly embrace the Y2K aesthetic, though. Slightly more playful than the '90s, the 2000s still incorporate crop tops and pastels. A general rule: Go tighter on the top, looser on the bottom. You can't go wrong with miniature statement-making accessories, either!

Color palette: Pink, purple, blue, green

Top, $3Skirt, $59Shoes, $60 • Necklace, $13 • Earrings, $16 • Butterfly Clips, $5

Remember, your style is all about expressing yourself! Take risks, be bold, and don't be afraid to add your own touches to these looks.

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by Riley Yates | 7/21/2021