Here’s how to put together the Mamma Mia!-inspired style of your dreams

Beachy hair, fun prints and '70s styles—what's not to love about the fashion from Mamma Mia!? If you wanted to steal the whole cast's wardrobe while watching the movies, you're in luck. We found some adorbs pieces that embody Mamma Mia!'s flowy, vintage vibe so that you can rock the perfect boho style of your dreams (and pretend you're the main character on a Greek island). 

1. Flowy skirt

Forever 21, $40

The flowy skirt is a must-have item for converting Mamma Mia! fashion into a casual outfit. The possibilities with the flowy skirt are endless—go wild with colors, patterns, lengths and accessories. Most stores sell them too. Pair it with a tighter-fitting tank top for a carefree yet cohesive look, or follow Lily James and knot a tee shirt for an everyday option.

2. Sturdy overalls

Madewell, $70 on sale

After watching Donna rock her iconic overalls, we all wanted a pair for ourselves. Overalls aren't a cheap purchase because of the amount of denim used, but this Madewell pair is a high-quality option that will last you a while. Try leaving one strap unfastened for a cool-girl look or pair a floral cottagecore top underneath for a fancier option. Going barefoot is a must!

3. Striped jumpsuit 

Urban Outfitters, $60

Stripes are key for that vintage look. As with the overalls, jumpers use a lot of fabric and will be more expensive than other items on the list. However, they're a versatile item that can be dressed up with a matching bag and shoes or made casual with sneakers and a backpack. 

4. Tunic top

Lulus, $35

Half blouse, half dress, the tunic top is essential for an effortless, beachy look. To achieve the most Mamma Mia!-esque look, opt for a sheer, boho-style tunic, like the one Donna wears in her "Why Did It Have to be Me?" number. It's *perf* for throwing over your swimsuit, and you can always wear it with your fave pair of denim. 

5. Floral midi dress

Lulus, $58

The long dresses in Mamma Mia! are *everything,* but it's not always easy to pull them off for day-to-day wear. For a more casual look, sport a breezy, floral midi dress. It's not so long that it feels too extra for daytime wear, but it's long enough to give off summer-in-Greece vibes. To complete your oh-so-adorable fit, wear neutral sandals and carry a straw tote.

6. Patched denim 

American Eagle, $42

If you want to spice up your denim, look no further—young Donna has the answer. The star patch on the denim jacket she wears in this Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again clip is *so* adorbs that it's inspired us to decorate our denim as well. Pick up some iron-on patches from Etsy or your local craft store and iron away! You can add patches to your jackets like Donna or to the back pockets of your shorts for a totally *you* look.

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Slider Image: @mammamiaunofficial. All GIFs via Giphy


by Erin Jeon and Julieanne Larick | 8/9/2021