10 back-to-school looks inspired by the new Gossip Girl

We love Gossip Girl for the glitz, the glamour and all of the drama between its fab characters. The GG reboot brings a new generation of Upper East Siders—and the gang does *not* disappoint. In addition to living lives so extravagant that you forget they are literally supposed to be teenagers, the Gossip Girl crew's style was a cultural reset from the moment Serena Van Der Woodsen got off the train from boarding school. If you've ever found yourself wondering how these teens always look *that* good, look no further, because we've rounded up all of the ways you can make back-to-school looks inspired by the new Gossip Girl.

Varsity jacket with biker shorts

Julien, played by Jordan Alexander is *spotted* in front of Constance-Billard sporting a classic varsity jacket, biker shorts and a chunky white sneaker. Who doesn't *love* a chunky white sneaker? Biker shorts with a light jacket are the perfect back-to-school look because they compliment fall weather in a subtle, comfy and unique way. This look is so cute, effortless and easy to obtain. This look is really just stylish athletic attire, so it's ideal for an after-school sport or obvi sprinting from the paparazzi. 

Sweater dresses

Gossip Girl practically *invented* preppy-chic, so sweater dresses are a *must* if you want to look like GG's Audrey this fall. Pair your favorite oversized sweater with a cute pair of booties and put a collared shirt underneath to *fancify* the look. While staying cozy, you can channel your inner Ariana Grande and make walking down the halls feel like walking down a runway. Sweaters are a classic back-to-school essential, but this sweater-dress look that's seen *all* over the new Gossip Girl will turn your basic knit top into a head-turner. 


Too much? Too extra? Never. Mini skirts were *all* the rage this summer, so why not continue the fun? Gossip Girl is all about expressive, modern takes on the "school uniform" look, so as pictured on Zion Moreno (Luna), pair your mini with a button-up or collared top. Luna opts for a simple black and white outfit, but don't be afraid to add a pop of color into your look. For girls with their ears pierced, this is such a fun look to spice up with some statement earrings, and don't shy away from chunky jewelry, either! Gossip Girl is all about standing out, and these bold looks are sure to help you do *just* that.

Sweatshirt + pleated skirt

I'm pretty sure Whitney Peak singlehandedly made this 2016 Brandy Melville look cool again. That's right—you don't even have to take off your comfy sweatshirt to look like a Gossip Girl protagonist. Seriously. Dig up your pleated skirts and pick out your favorite graphic sweatshirt and bam—you're clearly the main character of math class. If it's a chillier fall day, take it from Whitney and pair this 'fit with some high socks. Not only is this outfit a schoolyard show-stopper, but it's also a cute look for apple picking, pumpkin spice latte dates and late-night study sessions.

Baggy. Jeans.

Did anybody ever actually *like* skinny jeans, or were they just trendy? Thank *god* the trendsetting Gossip Girl gave us the inspo to wear baggy, more breathable jeans this school year. If you're not as into dresses and mini-skirts (*so* understandable, BTW) try a more casual look by pairing your fave pair of baggy jeans with simple sneaks and a graphic tee or fitted tank. If you're chilly, throw on an oversized blazer, zip-up sweatshirt or leather jacket. You can still look like you walked straight off of the Gossip Girl set by using pieces you already have in your current wardrobe. 

Patent leather leggings

Why wear plain black leggings when you can wear *patent leather* leggings like UES influencer *queen* Julien? Don't be fooled by the shiny exterior--patent leather leggings are just as moveable as regular leggings. Julien (Jordan Alexander) pairs this look with a red crop top to create a devious aesthetic, but let's be real—dress codes exist. Pair your leather leggings with any red tee, tank or sweater to achieve the *baddie* vibe that pleather exudes. Hello, have we not all seen the last scene of Grease?!

Big jackets + Docs

Nothing says confident girlboss like a pair of Doc Martens. While the original Gossip Girl might have only accepted Tori Burch flats and Jimmy Choos, the reboot knows that the 2021 style icon pairs Docs with *everything.* To fully channel your inner UES royalty, throw on an oversized denim or corduroy jacket to complete your look. Your Docs will take you through the fall and carry you all the way to winter. Stomp on the haters, girl.

Tweed, but make it cute

The no-nonsense, power-hungry Monet (Savannah Smith) proves that tweed is no longer only for professors. Instead of going the traditional route, pair a tweed blazer or skirt with a white tank and your go-to pair of black boots for a classic Gossip Girl inspired outfit. I *swear* tweed can be cute, especially if you need a business-casual ensemble for a job or even a debate tournament.

Sneakers with dresses (count me in)

The sneakers with dresses look was made iconic by early 2000s Disney Channel, and we're *thrilled* that it's been deemed *worthy* by the new stars of NYC. Pairing sneakers with dresses is a quintessential look for the girl on the go—especially because this fit allows you to sprint to class or make a mad-dash away from your crush in the cafeteria while *still* looking feminine.

Nautical vibes

This just in: let the nautical energy *continue* from the summer days spent sailing into the school year spent...studying. The ladies of Gossip Girl just *know* how to pull off the navy striped look, and so can you! This look dresses up with a dress and tights but totally dresses down with a sensible pair of dark jeans. Add some pops of red to spice things up!

We're absolutely *loving* how attainable the GG reboot fashion is. As much as we all fantasized about having Blair Waldorf's wardrobe, let's face it--not every girl has custom dresses from Paris and Chuck Bass sending swag to her doorstep. So what are you waiting for? Channel your inner Constance-Billard royalty, but make it Gen Z...grab your Docs and get ready to take on the world. 

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Images: @gossipgirlstyleguide


by Chloe Hechter | 7/19/2021