5 fashion trends inspired by The Backyardigans

If you've been on TikTok lately, then you're probably familiar with the catchy melody, "Into the thick of it...UGH."

Though Nickelodeon's The Backyardigans ended eight years ago, once you're into the thick of nostalgia, there is no escape. Despite being backyard animals, Uniqua, Pablo, Tyrone, Tasha and Austin were always dressed perfectly from head-to-toe for their adventures (no seriously, just look up the "Blazing Paddles" episode). If there's anything that fashion and the recent popularity of The Backyardigans have taught us, it's that everything comes back in style if you wait long enough. Here are five current fashion trends that will make you say, "The Backyardigans wore it first."

Tyrone: stripes make you spotted


If there's anything Tyrone consistently delivers like a star, it's his gift of rocking classic stripes with confidence. Marsai updates the classic pattern with stripes of varying widths and pairing her top with her scaled skirt. The patterns compliment rather than conflict, and the turtleneck and elbow-length sleeves bridge the season change when girls just want to have sun but are also FALLing in love with autumn.

Pablo: all you need are accessories


Pablo's propeller hat and bow tie take the lead of his trademark look, reminding that accessories can be all you need to make your fit stand out. On its own, Dara's neutral double-breasted dress is already super cute and perfect for the summer-to-BTS transition. Yet matched with a bright headband, hoop earrings, a circle chain belt and strappy shoes, Dara's outfit is even more chic, fun and perfect for the blue carpet.

Uniqua: colorful all over


Uniqua's pink, polka-dotted overalls might give her camouflage in the backyard, but we know that they would give her the same main character energy she has in the show if she were a human. She was def aware that overalls, jumpsuits and rompers are go-tos on days when you want to look put-together with minimal effort. Jayden's romper in a popular shade of sage green gives her the same charming yet cool and laid-back vibe.

Austin: loose-fitting pants


We love that Bailey's got Austin's blue and purple color palette down. Austin chooses to cuff his jeans while Bailey doesn't, but they both choose to maintain comfort and looking polished with a wide-leg fit. From boot cut to flare, there is a breezy loose-fitting pant that works for every preference. 

Tasha: sleeveless splashed with flowers


Tasha might be singing about how much work she has to do, but she is totally working her floral, orange dress. Summer's not over yet, and both Tasha and Pressley keep cool with their shoulders in the sun and twirly skirts around their legs. You can never go wrong with a cheerful floral print, and just looking at the girls' orange and yellow pops of color has us wanting this season to never end!

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Slider and hero image: @backyardiganswiki


by Elizabeth Huang | 8/7/2021