25 super cute outfits to wear this back-to-school season (for *seriously* any style vibe!)

While it's always bittersweet to say goodbye to summer and hello to the new school year, there are *so* many things to look forward to about the fall semester (hello in-person classes!). If you've discovered you have *nothing* to wear this back-to-school season, don't stress, because we've rounded up 25 outfit ideas for every possible social sitch this fall. Whether you're in need of style inspo for after-school workouts, fall festivities or school dances, read on, because we've got you covered.

1. After school workout or sports 

• Post gym brunch: 

One of the best ways to celebrate a workout done well is by grabbing a nourishing bite to eat after. Fueling your body is *so* important, and looking good while doing it? Just ever-so-slightly less important. Whether you are with your benchpress buddies or flying solo, a cute day dress, tote and high-tops is the perfect fit for this celebration.

Tearing up the tennis court

Tennis is the *perfect* mix of preppy chic and athleisure. Everyone loves an iconic tennis skirt and tank moment, but you can take this classic combo up a notch by adding jewelry or a classy tennis bag. However you accessorize, you can count on attracting the attention of everyone on the court. 

• P.E. princess: 

Whether you're a star player or tend to stay on the sidelines, there's nothing a cute outfit can't fix. Making your gym entrance with adorable sweat shorts, a varsity-themed tee and chunky sneakers is *bound* to earn you the title of P.E. princess. So lace-up, warm-up and get out there!

• Sunrise stroll: 

If you're an early riser, a walk before school is one of the best ways to stay active during the school year. If you really value your Zs, walking in the afternoon may be more your speed, though. A pair of joggers and your fave sweatshirt make the perfect walking outfit—and they will protect you against the September sun.

• After-school workout: 

You're the type of girl who manages her busy schedule with ease—and your wardrobe shows it! A cute sports bra and reliable water bottle is a must, and you'll always be found with your trusty backpack. Your motivation inspires everyone who knows you. Keep it up, girl!

2. Fall activities 

Bestie Sleepover: Are back-to-school sleepovers with your besties an annual tradition? If so, then you know that dressing cute *and* comfortable is a requirement. Slippers make for the *perfect* addition, and they're super cute too. 

Going on a hike: Just because you're going on a hike, doesn't mean you can't look stylish. Find your favorite sunglasses, some shorts and a cute sweatshirt to feel good—and look cute—the entire way. Don't forget your water bottle!

Back to school shopping: Fall is *right* around the corner, which means that you probably only have a few weeks left to wear all of your adorable summer 'fits. Need inspo? A sweater, skirt and sneakers will *never* go out of style. 

Apple picking: Nothing says fall more than apple picking. Pull out your fave jeans, boots and a jacket for a festive fall day. Add a pair of funky earrings and a hand bag for a look that will turn *everyone's* heads in the orchard.

• Picnic: We know that picnics are not going anywhere this fall. If you need an excuse to use that adorable new tote bag, then a fall picnic is the *perfect* place to use it. Match your tote bag to some statement sunnies and a patterned sweater for a look that is the perfect combination of cottage core and artsy.

3. Going to class

Cute and fun: POV: you woke up 15 minutes before your bus is supposed to come, but you still want to look cute enough to snag the attention of your math class crush. Grab your favorite pair of blue jeans, a cute blouse and Converse for a stylish (and simple) look this fall.

• Big presentation: The anticipation of school presentations can be super anxiety-inducing, but with the perfect outfit, you'll be ready to face anything that comes your way. Dress the part by trying a trendy (but professional) look to show your teachers that you're oh-so-prepared.

Cute and comfy: P.E. may be the last place you're expecting to feel cute and confident, but we've got you covered. If your dress code permits, try some cute athleisure to spice up your workout look. Whether you have to run the mile or play a sport you're *totally* not great at, a cute pair of leggings and an oversized sweatshirt can be the perfect fit solution for all your P.E. needs.

• Fun studying: If you've been romanticizing grabbing your tote bag and heading to the library, this outfit is *so* you. Even though you want to feel comfy and relaxed while you're studying, adding some key details and accessories can help you feel more put together as you tackle your next group project. Think: a flowy dress and oversized cardigan—so cute!

Getting creative: Art class is one of the best places to let your creative side show. If you're feeling experimental, try wearing the bold platform shoes or colorful sweaters that you've been dying to try. Make sure to grab an apron so you don't ruin your fave jeans, though.

4. Out to dinner

Classic: Have fun dinner plans with your besties? Try this timeless look that's made *entirely* of basics. Pair your go-to jeans with a flattering black top and gold jewelry to look effortlessly chic while you hit the town.

Trendy: TBH, we've all made plans for the sole purpose of getting IG-worthy pics. Whether you're hitting the trendiest tea house or pop-up mural in town, dress to impress with bright colors, printed jeans and cut-out tops. Top off your outfit with white boots, chunky rings and a mini-purse to create the *ultimate* 2021 it-girl look. Did someone say influencer status?

Girly: ISO the *perfect* look for a dinner date with your bae? Take a page out of Elle Woods' book and spice up your outfit with a pop of pink. Pair a white ruffled skirt with a pink silk top for a flirty and feminine look that will make you feel oh-so-good all night long.

Preppy: The Gossip Girl reboot has everybody wanting to dress like Upper East Side royalty. You've probably seen sweater vests and white button-downs *all* over social media, so you know that preppy-chic is *so* in right now. Add some white sneaks and a pleated skirt for a look that will make you feel like you're part of the GG crowd.

CasualJust because you're grabbing food at a local dive doesn't mean you shouldn't at least *try* to look cute. Throw on a cute graphic tee, colorful pants and a pair of Converse to dress up a basic look. Add some layers with tall socks and an oversized hoodie to make this 'fit *totally* fall weather appropriate.

5. School dance

• Fairy tale princess: Let's be real—who hasn't wanted to be a princess at some point? If you spent your childhood dreaming of happily ever after, channel your inner princess by going all-out at your school's formal dance. Make sure your shoes match your bag

• Earthy casual: If you didn't know, green is *totally* the color of the year. Incorporate green into your wardrobe by channeling your inner tree-hugger. Pair a boho-inspired midi dress with your fave pair of converse and brown accessories to look effortlessly cool and grounded this fall.

• Bold baddie: If your fashion icon is Veronica Lodge, you *need* to hop on the suit trend. Casual suits are always a power move, and by throwing in some leather and a monochrome pop of color you'll be a show-stopper no matter where your night takes you.

• Perfect in pearly-white: Hey Prom Queen! You know that moment in a teen movie where the girl descends the staircase in her gorgeous dress in heels before prom, leaving everyone speechless? Yeah, that's you...but for the entire night. Stun the crowd with all white—lace, silk and pearls are a *must*—for a look that is somehow both trendy and timeless. 

• Disco queen. Pay homage to all the Mamma Mia girlies with this out-of-the-box choice for a school dance. A retro dress and go-go boots will keep you looking groovy and fun, perfect for bringing out your inner Dancing Queen.

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by GL | 8/18/2021