Glow up your fall fits with these adorbs accessories

Already rocked all your best back-to-school outfits? Have no fear! Our fashion-forward Girls' Life besties are here to help—and they've found the *ultimate* way to level up any look with the cute, chic jewelry from Calico Sun (shop it here!)

Read on to reveal why our sweet and stylish girl squad hearts Calico Sun . Plus, snag the deets on how to create comfy and oh-so-confident fits with your fabulous new accessories...

Alexandra @alexandrabull_

Obsessing over: "I love bright colors and my Calico Sun jewelry completely fits my vibe."
Amaze advice: "Stay true to yourself, even when it's hard. If all your friends are signing up for one extracurricular, it's OK to take a risk and go for what feels right to you." 
Style success: "Accessories are an amazing way to express who you are, especially when your day-to-day style is simple. My Calico Sun space-inspired jewelry so captures my dreamy determination." 

Ellarose @ellarosekaylor

Obsessing over: "I *love* wearing blue, check my Calico Sun necklace. It's the best sparkly statement to add to any fall fit." 
Amaze advice: "Try to break out of your comfort zone, whether it's reaching out to a new friend or wearing a style outside of your usual." 
Style success: "Adding accents like bows, glitter and fringe can create some consistency in your look as you find your aesthetic." 

Kaileia @kaileiadixon

Obsessing over: "The Calico Sun pastel necklace is *so* cute—I love how mine adds a preppy polish to even my most casual fits." 
Amaze advice: "If you're seeking out a new style, start by making a moodboard. You'll find new fashion inspo as well as learn about style." 
Style success: "Tennis skirts are so in right now. Pair one with a tank, sweater and sneakers for a trendy transitional look." 

Kira @cali.kira

Obsessing over: "My style is a mix of girly and athletic. The comfy-yet-chic Calico Sun jewelry matches that mood."
Amaze advice: "Wear what makes you happy! Fashion is a chance to express your fantastic true self." 
Style success: "Bold and bright looks make you feel more confident—an instant energy boost on stressful days." 

Kylee @cheerps.lauren_k

Obsessing over: "My Calico Sun rainbow necklace is the ultimate good-vibes addition to my school style." 
Amaze advice: "When you feel good on the inside, it shows. Express your authetic emotions, pursue your passions and surround yourself with friends who make you happy. You got this."  
Style success: "Autumn weather means cardigan season. Grab a cozy sweater in your fave color, throw on over any outfit, repeat." 

Lexi @lexisoleil08

Obsessing over: "The Calico Sun accessories are seriously so adorable. Who wouldn't want to get dressed up with these sweet styles?!" 
Amaze advice: "True confidence comes when you accept your imperfections. Love yourself through your struggles. That's how you grow." 
Style success: "Just because something isn't the top trend right now doesn't mean it's over. If you love a look from last year, put it back on with pride!" 

Lexia @lexiahayden

Obsessing over: "I loved layering necklaces, so that's what I'll be doing with my gorgeous Calico Sun sets. Plus, the beaded bracelets are totally on trend." 
Amaze advice: "Spread the smiles! Surprise your BFF with a friendship bracelet that shows your gratitude." 
Style success: "Self-care is everything. Take time to prioritize *you* this year—whether that means creating extra aesthetic fits or keeping your looks laid-back." 

Paizley @paizley_steven

Obsessing over: "My Calico Sun bracelets are *so* spectacular for a wrist party, just pile them on! I slip them on after dance practice for instant cuteness." 
Amaze advice: "Make someone smile with a spontaneous compliment: 'I like your outfit' is a great place to start." 
Style success: "Invest in simple statements. Trends come and go, but a timeless look never goes out of style." 

Skylyn @skylynproffitt

Obsessing over: "The colorful pieces from Calico Sun are *so* me. Right now I'm all about denim and neutrals, so the jewelry adds the perfect pop of color." 
Amaze advice: "It takes time to find your style. Don't be afraid to experiment with different aesthetics and trends." 
Style success: "One classic fit anyone can rock? Loose jeans with a structured, stylish top." 

Willow @willowireofficial

Obsessing over: "I'm living for my Calico Sun necklaces and bracelets—they're the prettiest addition to *any* everyday look. Plus, they don't irritate my skin, which can happen with some jewelry." 
Amaze advice: "Fashion is about looking inward, not outward. Don't let anyone else dictate your style—it's up to you how you want to express who you are." 
Style success: "I love to choose a theme for my outfit, like beachy or glam, then make sure everything I'm wearing aligns with that vibe. It's an easy way to mix and match but stay coordinated." 

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by Katherine Hammer | 10/7/2021