8 easy ways to dress like TikToker Spencer Barbosa


Maybe some of her encouraging TikToks have been popping up on your fyp recently, maybe you've been obsessing over her relatable Instagram story posts, or maybe this is your first time hearing about the body positivity influencer Spencer Barbosa. Either way, Spencer's someone you *need* to know because a message that over half a million of Spencer's Insta followers get from her posts (and one that you deserve to hear too) is that confidence is key.

One way that you can be confident like Spencer? Make sure you're wearing what Y-O-U feel great in, because after all, the clothing we wear not only keeps us comfortable, but it can affect the way others see us, and even more importantly: the way we see ourselves.

We can all admit that sometimes, finding the *perf* 'fits that make you feel the most like the best, most confident version of yourself can be...well, a struggle. If you can relate and are so in need of giving your wardrobe a fall-confidence glow-up, you've come to the right place. Keep reading for 8 easy ways to dress like the confident body positivity *queen* herself, Spencer Barbosa.

1. Pretty dresses 

OK, so maybe you aren't exactly the type of gal who would usually wear dresses to school, but hear us out. One of the keys to confidence is wearing what you love rather than dressing for the validation of others. Remember that uber-cute vintage dress you thrifted that's been sitting in your closet screaming to be worn but you haven't felt the confidence to wear? This is your sign to throw it on and never look back! 

2. Workout sets for the win

Whether you've been obsessing over yoga or neighborhood walks lately, no matter how you move your body, a 'fit that works for *all* occasions can be a total game-changer. Going straight from brunch to a pilates class? Wearing an adorable workout set makes any stressy sitch no problem! 

3. Adorable overalls

Confidence is *so* in style and so are overalls. Some of Spencer's most iconic 'fits feature a super cute pair of denim overalls. Pro tip? Pair them with your fave solid tank or tee, and you'll be sure to look amaze in this Spencer-inspired 'fit.

4. Fab fancy dresses 

Who said you can't rock a dress in casual moments? This fancy ~lewk~ is sure to make you *shine*, no matter the occasion.

5. Pretty in pink (or whatever your fave color is!) 

One super important fashion tip (esp. for those rushed mornings where it feels as though you have *nothing* to wear) is to wear a color that sparks joy for you. Whether that be pink, yellow or all of the colors of the rainbow together, wear the colors that make you feel the most like *you* to amp up your happiness.

6. Cozy vibes 

You know that amazing feeling when you get into your coziest pair of PJs after a long day? Why can't that be the feeling you get from all your clothes? Whether it be a favorite hoodie or comfy set, pick your coziest 'fits, because after all, comfort = confidence!

7. Layer like a pro 

Not sure what to do with that denim jacket sitting in your closet? Layer it with some simple pieces for a gorgeous ensemble.

8. Accessorize!

Sometimes the best way to spice up *any* 'fit is to add accessories. From tote bags to clips, the possibilities are endless!


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by Eva Mandelbaum | 10/10/2021