We’re obsessed with these stunning performance looks from K-pop girl group Itzy

Ever since K-pop girl group Itzy debuted with their self-love anthem "Dalla Dalla" in 2019, they've released bop after bop, and fans can always expect both killer choreography and fresh looks for each performance. Their most recent comeback single "LOCO" dropped last month, and the five members are back with their signature bright, bold concept in both sound and style. Since we've come to the conclusion that it's Itzy's world, and we're just living in it, we'll be breaking down 7 of Itzy's stunning performance looks from the "LOCO" era.

Pretty in Pink


Duality? More like dual-Itzy. It's been a hot minute since Itzy has performed in all pink, and we love how these stage outfits capture both Itzy's lovely and edgy sides. Lia and Chaeryoung experiment with textures like leather and feather, respectively, while Ryujin and Yuna incorporate pink through smaller details like fishnet tights and shoelaces. Lastly, Yeji puts her own spin on the plaid business suit look with a heart cutout in her blazer and thigh-high leg accessories. 

Mixing patterns


From Lia's plaid blazer and pleated skirt combo to Yuna's graphic bodysuit and patched jeans, Itzy never misses, showing that you can look amazing no matter how many patterns you combine in one look. Despite how different each of these five outfits may seem from each other, they all perfectly match the youthful, high-energy sound of "LOCO."

Laced-up with lace details


With fall in full swing, Itzy makes a strong fashion statement with their chunky combat boots that are perfect for this season. The group once again manages to fuse two separate vibes for a refreshing overall look—Yeji's paneled tank and Chaeryoung's ruched dress are in delicate, elegant lace but are balanced out with additional clothing items in tough black.

Casual chic


If anyone knows where to get a lime green mini like Lia's, drop the link please. This concept pairs everyday silhouettes such as Ryujin's basic white tee and Yuna's high-waisted shorts and with statement pieces like the zippered skirt and cropped tank. Brb while we recreate one of these outfits for our upcoming friendsgiving party.

Edgy and sweet


We're loving the overall Cruella-esque color scheme. While Ryujin's heart-patterned cardigan makes us excited for the romance of Valentine's Day, Lia's leather jacket and Chaeryoung's chunky belt also give us immaculate "independent-woman-main-character" energy.

Preppy vibes


Back-to-school season might have come to an end, but Itzy keeps the excitement going with their uniform-like looks. These academic outfits just scream autumn (brown, maroon, mustard, emerald green...all the essential fall colors are here!), and we're in love with the subtle ways the members express their personalities through their clothes (peep Ryujin's hoodie and the dainty bow around Yuna's neck).

Down to business

Although Itzy's current overall image is very youthful and spirited, this black and white look gives fans a glimpse into potential style concepts as the group grows older. Whether the members are wearing colorful pieces or professional-looking blazers and button-downs, we're convinced that Itzy will look good in any aesthetic, making us excited to see what kinds of looks the group will take on in the future.

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Slider image: @itz_ryujinhk
Hero image: @itzy.fancafe


by Elizabeth Huang | 10/23/2021