14 Valentine's Day outfit ideas for any type of plans

Valentine's Day is one of those days where you can be *totally* extra and bold with your fits—either with precious reds and pinks or heart- and rose-printed everything. Whether you're going on a romantic date with your S.O., spending the night with your besties or taking some time for yourself, we've got the perfect V-Day outfit inspo for all the occasions.

Movie date


If you're heading out to the movies with your S.O., this outfit is super cute (but not too overdressed). A black mini skirt and a fuzzy pink cardigan balance the look with just the right amount of flirtiness. Plus, the hairstyle with the bow brings a v. romantic vibe to the overall look.

Brunch with your besties


Can't decide on what to wear to V-Day brunch with your besties? Don't overthink it—opt for the classic combo of a midi dress and white sneakers. (Just keep the festive vibes by choosing a pink or red dress.) You'll look ah-mazing in all the pictures you snap.

Ice skating date

If you're heading to an outdoor ice rink, you've gotta dress for comfort and warmth. Throw on a cozy argyle-knit sweater, a pair of mom jeans, a pea coat and a beanie (we highly suggest a pink or red one).

Spa night with your BFF


Spending the night trying new skincare methods and exchanging hilarious stories with your BFF? Put on a pair of comfy satin pajamas (you can even get matching ones—adorbs). Add some fun heels and jewelry to feel like you're in a movie montage.

Museum date


If your S.O. has planned a museum date for Valentine's Day and you're the romantic type. go for this sweet, cottagecore look. Picture yourself walking around the museum in this fit: the flowy floral dress, the nude heels and the flirty hair bow=perfection!

Heading to classes


Let's be honest, Valentine's Day is on a Monday this year (not so great, tbh), so you might want to be comfy. If all you're doing on V-Day is heading to school, go for a matching workout set and a cute jacket (in pink, of course).

A walk in the park


You might be heading to the park with friends, your S.O., or just taking some time for yourself. Regardless, dressing up is a must! Channel your inner Blair Waldorf by picking out your fave blazer as the key piece and a fun headband as the V-Day themed detail.

Coffee date for one


If you're currently single and decided to take yourself out on a date (we love to see it), here's exactly what to wear: Keep things casual with a sweatshirt layered over a turtleneck, but make it fun with some pink corduroy flares. Finish the look with your fave pair of chunky combat boots and some fun sunnies.

Library date with your crush


If you finally landed that library date with your crush, go for an outfit that's comfy and cute. This look pairs printed overalls with a black turtleneck and headband. The red flower details maintain the perfect V-Day vibe while showing off your ~artsy~ personality!

Anti-Valentine's Day


We get it—you don't have to be head over heels for V-Day...and you certainly don't have to dress the part. To steer clear of the festive vibes and colors, go for an outfit based around neutrals and stick to staple pieces. We'll just call you a rebel.

A trip to the mall


Spending V-Day at the mall calls for something more casual (but still cute and festive). Start your look with some basic pieces—black pants, a white button-up and a pair of loafers. Then, add the fun stuff: a cardigan that *screams* Valentine's Day and a red beanie as the cherry on top.

Romantic dinner


A romantic date on Valentine's Day calls for going all out. Let this pink satin dress steal the show by pairing it with black tights, classic heels, a black purse and some dainty accessories. This look may be simple, but it's oh-so-classy.

V-Day photo shoot with friends


Two words: Themed. Photo shoot. If you're meeting up with your friends to take some festive photos, go all out. Pick that item in your closet that you consider to be too much for everyday wear (today is the day). Based on where you're taking photos, have fun pairing your fit with swoon-worthy backgrounds (like this gorg pink wall).

Cozy night in alone


Just because you're spending V-Day solo doesn't mean you can't celebrate the holiday. Slip on a cute matching set to feel a little sweet as you watch some rom-coms for the night.

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by Alaina Cintron | 2/14/2022