Your official St. Patrick's Day lookbook

The weather is warming up, spring break is on the rise and you're starting to see pics of Shamrock Shakes on your feed. That's right, it's already March! Which means it's almost time for the greenest day of the year: Saint Patrick's Day🍀 ! Oh, and did we say that we *love* an excuse to dress on theme? We've put together your lookbook for St. Patty's Day, complete with the beauty, fashion and accessory inspo you'll need to get in the Irish spirit.

🍀 Makeup

A holiday-themed look is the perfect opportunity to try something new in your GRWM routine. Add in some shades of green, gold and maybe even a little orange on your lids. You can experiment with drawing rainbows, clovers and pots of gold.


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🍀 Nails 

Holiday nails are the *best* nails. Just sayin'. Grab some green sparkly nail polish and some skinny design brushes and get to work!


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🍀 Accessories 

The great thing about accessories is that they can srsly level up your look. A pair of green sunglasses or a green statement bag will show that you are 100% in the St. Patty's Day spirit!



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🍀 Fashion 

It's super easy to incorporate some green basics into your wardrobe for this time of year. Grab a cute cardigan to layer with neutrals to show that you understood the assignment. And let's not underestimate the power of a green statement shoe.


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by Olivia Brown | 3/17/2022