The vintage earrings you should rock, based on your star sign

Spring trends are finally in full bloom, and our latest accessory obsession? Two words: Vintage. Earrings. We've compiled a thread of our fave eye-catching pairs from Etsy so that you (yes, you!) can find which earrings you're meant to rock—based on your zodiac, ofc. Scroll for alll the inspo you need and let the vintage vibes flow.

Aries: Bold, gold and ambitious 

Memorycreated, $23

Taurus: Everything enamel

ZenPowerBeads, $17

Gemini: Golden girl

vintagestampjewels, $19

Cancer: Blushing blooms

FlashyStudioNYC, $20

Leo: Heart to heart

SallysJewelryEtc, $15

Virgo: Mint to be

Cucarachaz, $14

Libra: Trendy tulips

QianCraftKit, $6

Scorpio: Stellar studs

Diabelle, $23

Sagittarius: Off the cuff

ArizueJewelry, $19

Capricorn: Beautiful black cameos

NestPrettyThingsShop, $36

Aquarius: Peace out

Zionas Moon, $12

Pisces: Pearl-fect pair

juneauri, $35

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by Cara Lamina | 4/12/2022