Bold Spring Color Statements

Into rockin’ all the colors of the rainbow? Or do you have one go-to hue when you really wanna stand out in the crowd? Whatever it is, choose a color and get set to stand out this spring! Bright on, babe.
Nothing says glam like a lady in red. And best of all, it's great on all skin tones. The color red against fair or dark skin makes for a stunning contrast, and tanned babes look even more sunkissed in it. All red accessories are pretty rad, but shoes in this shade are sooo much fun! Ruby red slippers add extra whimsy to any ensemble.
Who can deny the mystery of the color turquoise? It's a cool mixture of blue and green so some hues will be closer to the blue side, others the green side. Either way, it's a stunning color that works great on ladies with medium to dark skin. We advise fair skinned girlies to try on turquoise before purchasing. Some shades can look great on you, others might be too dull against your milky skin. Another plus about this pretty color? Turquoise tones give jewelry a funky, eclectic feel. 
AE Pocket Halter, $20,
Turquoise Stone Ring, $6,
Yellow just screams sunny summer days. And if you're a girl who’s full of energy and fun, it’s the perfect statement color for you. Fair skinned femmes beware. This sunny shade is not the color for you. Yellow is too bright against your light skin, and will inevitably wash you out. But to all the darker skinned sistahs, yellow will look great on Y-O-U. And how cool are yellow-framed shades? Oh-so-retro.
Women's Smocked Tube Dress, $15,

Kirra 70's Yellow Sunglasses, $16, 
There is something inherently mystical and elegant about a jewel-toned purple. If regal ‘n’ funky fits your personality descript, then you've found your color. It's perfect for most skin types, especially lighter-skinned ladies. Plus, we love purple wallets and handbags - how presh!
Bar Back Sequin Tunic, $25,
Kimichi Blue Edge Plated Leather Wallet, $32,
-Jess Hofmann


4/12/2009 8:00:00 AM