FAB FALL FINDS: Ghostly Get-Ups


GL's gone on a mission to sniff out the absolute must-haves for the season. Bringing you the latest fashions and most up-to-date trends, we'll have you struttin' in true diva-licious form. See below to scope out to die for fashions that ya just can't live without! Who's got ya girl?!

Trick-or-Treat! Halloween is only 2 weeks away and you're scrambling to find that killer costume. You've looked through your wardrobe a gazillion times, and even rummaged through dusty closets for some inspiration. But to no avail, you've got nothing, nada, zilch! Cheer up pikachu, we've searched high and low, far and wide to hook you up with the coolest costumes ever.

witch.jpg SpookShop, $29.99.

Wicked Witch: Cast a spell over your hood in this punked-out costume. You'll be sure to bewitch any trick-or-treaters that stroll your way.

convict.jpg Zoogster, $29.99.

Jail Bird: Tweet tweet! With super-cute cuffs and a hat to boot, you won't be singing the blues in this get-up. Alert the police because lookin' this good is certainly a crime.

harajuku1.jpg CelebrateExpress, $49.99.

Harajuku Hottie: Funk-tastic! Ya don't have to roll with Gwen Stefani to rock out like a Harajuku girl. Get pumped for Halloween krazy style!

cheer.jpg CostumeBox, $36.99.

Music Maheim: Goo EHS! It's time to cheer it on High School Musical style. Who knows, in this dyno attire ya might be able to grab a Zac of your own.

army1.jpg Amazon, $23.95.

Boot Camp: Whip into shape and march the night away in this bad mama ensemble. These boots were made for nabbin' some serious Halloween booty.

pebbles.jpg BuyCostumes, $36.99.

Yabba Dabba Doo: Take it back to the stone ages with our fav Flintstone Pebbles! Get your cutie to join in on the fun by dressin' up like Bam Bam. You'll be the cutest couple to hit Bedrock.

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tinkerbell1.jpg BuyCostumes, $44.99.

Fairy Fun: Whose our favorite fairy? Tinkerbell of course! Carry around some fairy dust and sprinkle your friends with some love.

poodle.jpg SpiritHalloween, $34.99.

Nifty 50's: Hop, skip and groove through the night. Attending a hot Halloween hoorah? Play some oldies in the good old jukebox and swing your way to fun, fun, FUN!

ladybug.jpg CostumeSuperCenter, $49.99.

Lady In Red: You'll be the buzz of the town in this sweet get-up. Be sure to fly some signals your crush's way. Remember, you've got luck on your side!

BLOG ABOUT IT: Already score the sweetest get-up for Halloween? Drop us a line, we wanna know!

10/19/2007 4:00:04 PM