Project Runway: Labor of Love

Last night’s episode of PR got off to a slow start. Per usual, Heidi announced the challenge: Create a chic outfit for a very pregnant Rebecca Romijin. Uhh…hold on…who? Apparently, Rebecca’s been on Ugly Betty for years and I missed it. Back to the task at hand.
Monsieur Gunn (looking dapper with a pink shirt under his suit jacket) gives the designers a few more deets: their garment should be form-fitting and they have 2 days and $100 to complete. We watch as the cast fumbles with the baby bumps and acts clueless about pregnancy. “Babies kind of scare me,” Logan offers. Foreshadowing, perhaps?
The designers magically appear at Mood, tear through bolts of fabric, muss up the scene and head back to the workroom.
There’s lots of draping on the forms (did anyone else wonder “What Would Rami Do?”). But, ultimately, the soon-to-be bottom three make themselves apparent.
Mitchell accidentally sews shorts that are SO huge, two designers jump in to model them. “Those are some big-girl pants!” he remarks. The second pair end up being very, very wee.
Malvin crafts a high-concept chicken and egg themed design (“The Mother Hen”). He gets a warning from Tim, “Be mindful of this not going into costume-land.” It wasn’t super-cute, but it looked cozy.
Mitchell comments that Ra’mon’s ultra-fitted, racing stripe dress looks “like a bowling bag.” He’s on the verge of tears when Mitchell reassures him that it’s “streamlined.” Uh oh.
To the runway!
When the designers get to the runway we learn, OMG!, that Michael Kors is missing. Well, not really, but this week designer Monique Lhuillier fills in. Come back soon, MK.
The catwalk fills up with stretchy-but-boring tunics that’ll accommodate a big belly. I wanted another glance at Epperson’s jumpsuit (what was with that jacket?!) but, alas, he and the other middling designers were sent offstage.
(Left to Right: Louise, Althea and Shirin)
Louise, Althea and Shirin shine as top three, after making a nightgown, a gorgeous evening dress and a snappy frock ‘n’ jacket combo, respectively. Did you love these looks? Louise did a fab job defending her lacy PJs, and Rebecca agreed that she’d wear it on a date with her hubby. Eeek! Did you girls question her taste at that moment?
Shirin’s plum number with the wool topper was my fave—who were you rooting for? She won, and will have immunity next week.
(Left to Right: Malvin, Ra'mon and Mitchell)
The bottom three were Malvin, Mitchell and Ra’mon of shorts, egg and bowling ball bag fame. Heidi asks “Do you really want to look like a chicken that has an egg?” Which is a question for the ages. In the end, Malvin was auf’d.
So, we say goodbye to the boy with the crazy coif who created a Humpty-Dumpty design. Did anyone else think he’d be the next Christian Siriano? Maybe it was just the hair, but I wanted to see more.
Tune in next week to see who will rule the runway!

By: Katie Abbondanza

Blog it out...Did you think Malvin should’ve gone home? Did you like Shirin’s dress? Who’s your fave so far? Do you watch Models of the Runway?

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8/28/2009 4:25:00 PM