Glitz and Glam Accessories

Here’s the sitch: it’s the day of your bestie’s holiday party and everyone (including that hottie in homeroom) is going! You’ve got a way cute dress to wear but two small complications: it’s a li’l dull, and you don’t have a lot of cash.

GL’s got five jewel accessories you can get on a dime. With accessories that shine, you’re bound to be the star of the party and catch Prince Charming’s eye!

Add some drama to your dress with this cute brooch. Pin to a cardi for a little sparkle or pin on to layered beads or a wrapped necklace for an accessory that takes center stage.

Wanna add a little shine but don’t wanna go all out? Stay classy and chic with this black and white number. Perfect with rhinestone earrings and a necklace, this dazzling bangle looks oh-so-Audrey.

Rhinestone Collage Bracelet, $8,
Go elegant and bold with these bright, big rings. Whether you wear ‘em all at once or split ‘em with your friends, these cocktail rings may be small but they make a big statement at every bash.

Jumbo Cocktail Rings, $22 (for a set of six),
Channel your inner princess with this tiara of gems. Tie together with a bright, bold dress and black accessories for a look that'll totally rule.

Add some charm (literally!) to your LBD with this sparkly necklace. Go all-out by combining matching rings and bangles or stay tame with a sophisticated sweater. With so many fun colors in this showstopper, the options are endless!

Venus Beaded Necklace, $8,

-Alyssa Bailey


12/12/2009 7:00:00 AM