Glee-inspired Styles

Photo Credit: Carin Baer/FOX
Looking to fine tune your wardrobe this winter? Take a cue from McKinley High’s glee club.
Whether you’re boasting warm, argyle sweaters like preppy Rachel Berry or strutting some fierce jackets like urban-chic Mercedes Jones, your wardrobe is bound to strike that perfect note!

Berry Preppy
The leader of the pack, Glee’s Rachel Berry, is the ultimate prep. Take a cue from this future star and add a gold star to your wardrobe with plaid skirts, sweaters and collared tops.

Quinn-tessentially Girly
Former cheerleader Quinn Fabray used to stick to her uniform as her daily attire—that is, until she left the squad and stuck with the singers. The end of her reign as cheerleader marked the beginning of hers as fashion princess: for a charming ensemble, follow her lead and opt for pastel colors, feminine blouses, floral dresses and cardis.

Livia Floral Dress, $45,

Fossil Pave Heart Necklace, $20,

Classic Pillsbury
Clean up your look by mimicking germaphobic guidance counselor Emma Pillsbury’s vintage wardrobe. Go for ruffle or bow blouses, pencil or patterned skirts, and bright colored cardis with vintage-inspired accessories—how romantic!

Floral Sunburst Mini, $30,

Beggin’ for Mercedes
The diva and vocal powerhouse of the glee club, Mercedes is all about attitude. Go for bold tanks, bright jackets and jewel-powered accessories to bring out the real star in you.
Sequin Vest by Wal G, $30,

Sequin Zebra Hoodie, $27,

Mixed Bangle Set, $8,

T-t-totally Tina
More than meets the eye, stuttering Tina may have fashion sense that goes against the popular Cheerios, but she’s always there for her glee team. Strike her punk edge with black sweaters and striped tops, mini skirts, and studded bracelets and belts.

-Alyssa Bailey


1/18/2010 12:33:00 PM