12 days of dresses

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    Sneaky ways to wear last year’s dress

    New year, new dress? Not so fast, girl. There’s a way to rework last year’s frock that’s a step up from the ol’ necklace-swapping trick. Yup, we’re talking about layering. Try these tips and there’s no way anyone will think...

  • STYLE: Fashion

    12 Days of Dresses: Glammed-out NYE dresses

    Put away the noisemakers. If you wanna rile up the crowd, just slip into a sequin dress. We rounded up glitzy and glam dresses for you to ring in the New Year. Good to meet ya, 2014! ...

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    11 cute accessories to wear with an LBD

    Classic and chic, we can’t get enough of the LBD. But if you really wanna stand out in your holiday gatherings, it’s all about decking yourself with the right accessories. That’s why we rounded up the prettiest pieces to take...

  • STYLE: Fashion

    12 Days of Dresses: 1 rad dress, 3 ways

    Over the holiday season you probs have a bout a billion parties to attend, which makes it kinda tough to find a different thing to wear to each fête! This season, we’re daring you to make it through all your...