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7 HOURS AGO It's almost #Hanukkah! Impress the fam with these so-festive treats:

8 HOURS AGO Hey, sweet thing! What cake matches your personality? 🎂🎂🎂 Take t#quizuiz

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Thanks to a YouTube beauty tutorial, girls are suffering serious burns

If you love watching fun tutorials to learn new looks for your hair and makeup routine, you know that YouTube is the place to go. Unfortunately, not all beauty videos are equal—and one video shared by French beauty blogger Maria...


Feel Good Friday: Meet Sesame Street's first autistic character

Disney Channel's Girl Meets World tackled Autism Spectrum Disorder awareness for the teen and tween set a couple of weeks back with a special episode called "Girl Meets Farkle." In a new online storybook, Sesame Street is taking its turn...


English schools are banning sexist language

Have you ever heard phrases like “man up” or “you throw like a girl” used in your school? You're not alone. All over, people still use sexist language in casual conversation, whether it's to put down someone else or just...


TREND ALERT: Kylie Jenner's new hair look is *everything*

Everybody loves flash tattoos, but what about hair tattoos? Seriously, they're a thing, and they're totally Kylie-approved. The media babe Insta'ed herself with some glitzy tatted tresses the other day, and turns out they're easily accesible— Scunci is now...


Ballerina Misty Copeland has a big announcement to make

Known as the first black female principal dancer for the American Ballet Theatre, Misty Copeland has already made an amazing name for herself in the entertainment world. Now, she's securing her spot as one of the most influential dancers of...


California schools are dumping Native American themed mascots

On Sunday, California became the first state to officially pass laws banning the team name and mascot "The Redskins" in state schools. Beginning January 1st, 2017, the ban will prevent any schools from implementing the Native American-themed name or logo...


Selena opens up about her health scare

Last year when Selena Gomez stepped away and took a break from music in January, rumors swirled as people contemplated why she was taking time off. Recently, in a suprising interview with Billboard Magazine, Selena clears the air and finally...


Check out these sweet celeb-approved pink bracelets

We all have a family member or loved one who is affected by breast cancer, and October is the month dedicated to these women. But what does all that pink really mean? We've found a rose-colored bracelet with an amazing...


#Being13: Tonight CNN reveals how social *really* affects us

Tonight at 9 p.m., CNN is sharing some real talk on teens and social media. They're airing "#Being13: Inside the Secret World of Teens," a special based on two years of tracking the social media habits of 200 eighth graders...


These selfie snapping sorority sisters are our heroes

Last week, during a game between the Colorado Rockies and Arizona Diamondbacks, a group of sorority girls caught everyone's attention. They were taking some cute selfies, when the announcers started noticing them. The guys started making digs at the girls...


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