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AN HOUR AGO Are you and your bestie crushing on the same cutie?: http://t.co/96PRHavjrA pic.twitter.com/MXT0QTPS1F

2 HOURS AGO Fashion intern by day, fashion model by night?: http://t.co/8R049GFjJe pic.twitter.com/TMBzY3FGSB

2 HOURS AGO It's official: @JacobWhitesides's @mamawhitesides is CANCER-FREE! #CONGRATSMAMAWHITESIDES, we're so happy for you and your family! 💖💖


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Bethany Mota is back to make your life even more fabulous

YouTuber Bethany Mota is famous for her video DIYs, whether it's for your room, your clothes or your look. Basically, she knows how to ramp anything ordinary up to extroardinary, and now she's ready to help you make your home...


NASA just discovered something awesome about our favorite dwarf planet

It turns out that when Walt Disney created Mickey Mouse’s cutest friend, Pluto the dog, he may actually have been years ahead of his time. After NASA’s New Horizons spaceship flew past Pluto week, it was discovered that Pluto (the...


This "Best Dressed" Muslim teen rocks her hijab on the daily

Fashion is all about looking fabulous while still staying true to yourself—and that’s exactly how Abrar Shahin defined her style and won “Best Dressed” at her New Jersey high school. As part of her religious tradition, this 18-year-old Muslim girl...


Model Madeline Stuart is changing beauty norms one picture at a time

No one should have to hold back from reaching their dreams, especially those with a disability. Madeline Stuart is your average 18-year-old girl. She loves playing sports, staying healthy, performing, dancing and, most importantly, being in front of the camera...


This just in: You can now go shopping through Facebook

It's already easy to spend way too much time on Facebook checking in with your friends, posting pictures and reading the articles people share on their walls, but it's about to get even easier. Once Facebook finishes rolling out its...


Uh-oh, this is some Netflix news we didn't want to hear

It's basically impossible not to love Netflix. Between its awesome original shows (can anyone else not wait for A Series of Unfortunate Events?), some seriously great movies and all the Pretty Little Liars we can watch, it's basically the best...


Feel Good Friday: This pig and dog are unlikely BFFs

You probably don’t know what you would do without that one bestie you’ve basically known since birth. The same is true for Jack, the three-year-old dachshund/beagle mix, and Tuna, the 5-month-old potbellied pig, who were abandoned by their owner...


What you missed at ESPN's 2015 ESPY awards

This year’s ESPY Awards, ESPN’s annual excellence in sports performance award show, were full of laughs, cheers and even some tears. Amongst all the big names, we spotted some of our favorite athletes, including Mo’ne Davis (who’s getting...


These guinea pigs have better style than you do

Last weekend at Comic Con in San Diego, thousands of people debuted amazing looks inspired by their favorite characters. But as it turns out, humans aren't the only ones who enjoy rocking fab fan fashions. Meet Fuzzberta and MGP (Mini...


#RememberingRebecca: The inspiring reason you should do a random act of kindness today

When Rebecca Townsend was in 10th grade, she wrote a bucket list as part of a school assignment. The list? To go to Spain, kiss in the rain, and to save a life. Rebecca was able to cross off...


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