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6 HOURS AGO Lift weights like a total pro with these tips and tricks:

7 HOURS AGO We're still obsessed with this so-fresh fishtail mani from @hannahroxit:

9 HOURS AGO It's never too early to start prepping for college—seriously!:


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President Obama says, "#IStandWithAhmed"

When 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed brought his home-built clock to school, he was pleased with his latest invention and eager to show his friends and teachers his work. Once he showed one of his teachers, though, things quickly took a turn. ...


The sneaky scientific reason you should be proud of your messy bed

You might want to think twice next time Mom or Dad asks you to tidy your bed. It turns out, making your bed in the morning creates the perfect breeding ground for some nasty critters called dust mites. Dust mites...


This town is taking the dress code controversy to the next level

If you thought your school dress code was bad, count yourself lucky you probably don't live in Dadeville, Alabama. In a move that has people talking, one town has decided to try and institute city-wide outfit restrictions. Last month, the...


Remember 9/11: A look back on those first 24 hours

Fourteen years after the terror attacks took place on September 11th, 2001, we continue to remember the events of that day. Like the rest of the country, we'll never forget all of the lives lost and the heroes that fought...


College admissions officers are looking at WHAT on your Facebook?

We already know that the scary process of applying to college involves those crazy standardized tests, lots of application writing, mind spinning essays and nerve-wracking interviews. But it turns out there is another factor that colleges are looking into: your...


These high school students honored the memory of their friend in a super special way

On Monday August 24th, Morristown West High School lost their Superman. Jonathan Fluker, a bright 17-year-old known for his warmth and kindness, passed away after a battle with cancer. After being diagnosed in 2009, Jonathan didn’t let the bad news...


This teen is protesting her high school's yoga pants policy

What would you do if your school made an unfair ban on your favorite item of clothing? At Cape Cod Technical High School, the new school year came with new dress code rules. The school's new drew code states...


Meet the European student living on a train

There are so many options of living these days, houses, apartments, dorm rooms, and...trains? According to BuzzFeed News, Leonie Mueller, a college student from Germany, has decided to live on a train for a year. Mueller realized that by buying...


Watch the new He Named Me Malala trailer here

Curious what it’s like to be the youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner and inspiring activist all by the age of 18? Then check out He Named Me Malala, opening October 2. The new documentary will give us an inside look...


This American runner just broke a national record

At 29 years old, Allyson Felix has officially won her ninth World Championships gold medal in Beijing. The athlete has come along way since the days of seventh grade where she first decided to try out for the track team...


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