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  • STYLE: fashion

    4 ways to make your final school days fabulous

    When everyone is itching for summer, the last weeks of school can seem like a total drag. Instead of groaning when your alarm clock goes off every morning, make the most of the end of the school year! Follow these...

  • FITNESS: Eat Right

    Super foods to power you through finals

    There’s been a lot of chatter lately about the ability of certain foods to sharpen your focus and enhance memory, so we decided to check things out for ourselves and learn if this is really true. Here’s what we found: Give your brain...

  • FITNESS: Wellness

    4 scents to keep you sharp during exams

    Finals don’t have to be the bane of your existence. And with these four scents on your side, your GPA has nowhere to go but up. Take a peek at these power tools and pack ‘em in your bag, babe. This A’s...

  • LIFE: school

    6 signs you're totally gonna ace your next test

    Whether it’s pre-algebra or geometry, history or Shakespeare, bio or chemistry, there are a few cinchy ways to see if you’ve got your next quiz or test in the bag. Here are six signs you can totally rock this out—and a few ways...