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    Babysitting 411: What's normal?

    When it comes to babysitting, what’s normal? I had my first babysitting job ever last night and I got home at 1 a.m. Is it always going to be like that? I’m worried that it will affect my schoolwork and...

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    Are you a super sitter? Share your tips!

    Whether you’ve been babysitting for six months or six years, we know you’ve got a some terrific tricks up your sleeve. Wanna be in an upcoming issue of GL? Send us your best advice for landing a job, impressing the parents, getting...

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    Must-know money managing tips

    It's important to learn how to manage your money at a young age — before you have to start paying for some pricey things like college or a car. To make your cash count for more, check out the Make...

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    Babysitting 911: I'm Underpaid! Now What!?

    "I just started babysitting so I don't know what's fair, but I think I'm being underpaid! How can I speak up without sounding greedy?" Take it from one babysitter who's been around the block—at some point in your babysitter career you...

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    Be the Best Paid Babysitter on the Block!

    Now that you’ve snagged some clients, you have to keep them. To get in with the good families—the ones who tip generously, and keep the fridge stocked with Coke and frozen pizzas—ya gotta stand out. Be honest and confident...

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    Pump Up Your Pay

    Think you deserve more moolah? Here are some ways to really get a raise. Have a negotiable baby sitting rate Adjust your rates depending on the kids you're sitting for. Would you really wanna make six dollars an hour after going...

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