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    MAC's new makeup is out of this world

    “For everything, there is a first time.” That includes MAC’s new sci-fi themed makeup line, which is being launched in September to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the famous series Star Trek. The 25-piece collection will include galactic and supernatural style...

  • STYLE: Beauty

    Ten struggles all makeup lovers know to be true

    Being a makeup guru is totally great—but occasionally things go wrong and that new contour doesn't turn out quite like we planned. And when your eyeliner smudges after you've just taken a full ten minutes trying to perfect it? It...

  • STYLE: Beauty

    Hit the scene in green with this beauty look

    Matching your tints to your tips is the sweetest spring style, and going green this season is the key to staying fresh. Loved the alligator-green accents you spotted in our April/May 2016 issue? We've got even more takes on the...

  • STYLE: Beauty

    Your 5-step guide to the no-makeup makeup look

    Want to look gorgeous with minimal effort? Of course you do. The "no-makeup makeup" trend is the best way to show off your stunning natural beauty while still enhancing your best features—and not trying too hard. Rock this easy five-step...