how to be the best babysitter ever

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    Be a babysitting bedtime jedi master!

    Ever have trouble getting the kids you’re sitting to get to sleep? Here are some good tricks to get the kids tucked in and asleep in no time! 1. Wear them out during the day, but stop the active...

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    7 signs you're a super sitter

    You’re pretty sure you’re an awesome babysitter, but how can you know for sure? Well, we’ve got seven signs that say you’re the top dog in your town. Talk about sittin’ pretty! When you clap your hands and announce...

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    4 babysitting sitches—solved!

    Sure, you went to the Safe Sitters class and know how to do CPR, but are you really ready for every issue a baby can have? Of course not! Here are four solutions for tough issues that you might run into, so...

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    Build your babysitting rep: 4 perf playtime ideas

    The quickest way to building a stellar sitting rep is to keep those kids entertained…without plunking ‘em down in front of the tube. Toss movies and TV reruns to the side and try your hand at our favorite babysitting activities. Puppet Babies...