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    GL’s A-to-Z guide to clear skin

    Ready to kiss those zits goodbye? We’ve got a list of tips, tricks and products that’ll ensure your complexion is clear and sparkling by the first day of summer. A is for Alpha Hydroxy Acid It sounds scary, but AHA’s actually help...

  • STYLE: Beauty

    5 ways to multitask your makeup

    Whether you want to streamline your morning routine or just want to use fewer products, there are lots of ways to make your makeup do double duty. Check out our tips and tricks for totally cinchy ways to make your...

  • STYLE: Beauty

    GL’s back-to-school beauty checklist

    It’s almost the big day! The first day of school can make any girl feel like her tummy’s full of butterflies. We wanna make sure you’re prepped beauty-wise for the big day: Print out this handy beauty checklist a week before school starts...

  • STYLE: Beauty

    How To: Get ready for school in under 10 mins

    Between finalizing your first-day outfit and scrambling to grab breakfast, who has tonsa time to spend on primping? Luckily, we’re spilling some styling secrets to get you prepped to catch the bus with plenty of time to spare. Phew! Skip the fussy eyeshadow. We...

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