can I trust my friend

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  • LIFE: Dear Carol

    What to do when your BFF is a liar

    One of my best friends lies all the time. No joke. She always makes up stories about her sister and brother (if she even has any). One time I called her house, and she pretended to be her sister. I knew it...

  • LIFE: Friends

    5 secrets you should keep from your friends

    Sometimes, secrets stink. And lots of times, they lead to major drama. But there are some times that you really ought to keep your lips zipped. And these are five of those times. Here are five secrets to keep, no matter what. ...

  • CRUSHES: Dating

    Tough time opening up? How to confide in your BF

    I have a hard time with showing my emotions to people. It 's only hard for me because I think it's embarrassing. But my boyfriend wants me to share my feelings with him and I can't do that. What should I do? Embarrassment is...

  • LIFE: Dear Carol

    I am tired of my friend's lies

    My friend’s mom is a drug addict. They have no electricity or running water. My friend fabricates stories to make her life seem more normal. She is also boy-crazy. My friends and I are afraid she’ll grow up to be...

  • LIFE: Friends

    Get personal: How to open up to your friends

    You and your bestie could be thicker than thieves, but sometimes, you just don't feel comfy sharing every little detail of your life with her...especially the tough stuff. The problem is, though, that if you hold back on communicating the...

  • LIFE: Tough Stuff

    How to gain back someone's trust

    Whether it’s with your mom, dad, sibs, bestie or crush, trust is an absolute must for a good relationship. Losing that is a pretty big deal, and it can be tough to move on from. But before you give up...