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crush confessions

Lunch Lunge

It was a half-day at school. That meant we just ate lunch in our third period. Whenever we eat lunch, the teachers eat lunch together. So, they left the classroom doors open. My crush, at the time, was a classroom...


Crash Landing

We were at school, at the very top of the stairs when the bell rang, so all my friends and my crush jumped off the stairs and landed. I decided to do it, too. I jumped and almost fell trying...


Butt Blunder

Me and my friends on my dance team always do this "butt slapping" game. One day, I was walking through the hall and saw one of my friends bending over. I thought it was her because she was wearing sweat...


Unsuccessful Swagger

At school, I had gone to the bathroom and was trying to quietly coming back. I walked in and tried to strut it up a bit (for my crush), when I accidently tripped on the edge of the carpet! I...


Walked Right Into That One

One time, I was walking with my crush through the hallway during school. While we were talking, I was kind of flirting and concentrating on him. When we got to our hall, we needed to make a turn. Apparently, I...


Trampoline Trauma

A few weeks ago, I went to a party at my crush's house. He had a trampoline and since I have been taking gymnastics for two years, I decided to show off my moves. As I got on the trampoline...


Door Duel

I was in line to sign in at my dance lesson and there was a SUPER hot guy in front of me. I was acting all cool and after I signed in, I was still staring at him. As he...


Spanish Screw Up

I was in the middle of Spanish class and I was sitting right next to my crush. I got so preoccupied with staring at him that I wasn't paying any attention to the teacher. When she asked me a question...


A Rowdy Recess

One day, we were at recess and a bunch of us were playing football. I was on my crush's team. He passed the ball to me and I ran. Every one was chasing after me to get the ball and...


Tummy Turner

My friend and I went to go see a movie and a bunch of guys were there. One guy that I really liked sat next to me and shared some candy with me. We ended up eating a few bags...


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