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crush confessions

B-Ballin Blunder

In gym class we were doing a basketball drill to see how many shots you can get in the hoop out of 10. My crush's group was right next to mine and he was being funny. I was just staring...


Not So Noteworthy

One day my crush and his friends were talking at lunch and his friends were trying to get his attention. I turned around to see why they were yelling his name and he was staring right at me! I went...


Password Predicament

Once my crush, Michael, came to my house because I was tutoring him. I told him I had to check my e-mail first. I typed in my address, but I forgot to hit tab button to type in my password...


Como se dice...EMBARRASSING?!

I was headed to Spanish class when this really hot guy came up to me and started flirting. It was going really well... until my sweatshirt caught on the handle of a door we were passing! I tripped, my binder...


Ruined With a Ring

Once I was with my BFF in Starbucks when my crush walked in and sat at the table next to us. I thought It would be a great chance to make him jealous, so I gave a quick wink at...


The Way The Cookie Crumbles

I was walking home with my BFF and I was talking to her while eating a cookie. Suddenly, I inhaled some cookie crumbs and started coughing really loudly. Just then, I turned my head and saw my crush and his...


Ungraceful Dismount

I was at my friend's house and we decided to go on a bike ride. She only had one bike so I rode on her handlebars. As we were rounding a corner, I looked over and my crush was standing...


In Your Face!

The other day in gym class we were playing volleyball. I was in the front row and my crush was serving on the other team. I was too busy staring at him to realize the ball was coming right at...


Scary Situation

My friend had a Halloween party and you had to show up in costume or else you couldn't come. I overheard my crush telling his friends he was going as a dead cowboy. So, of course, I went as a...


What Blushing Reveals

One day in math class my crush sat right behind me and I was trying to grab the papers he was passing to the front. He kept moving them just out of my reach every time. Now, my math teacher...


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