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crush confessions

Unsuccessful Swagger

At school, I had gone to the bathroom and was trying to quietly coming back. I walked in and tried to strut it up a bit (for my crush), when I accidently tripped on the edge of the carpet! I...


Walked Right Into That One

One time, I was walking with my crush through the hallway during school. While we were talking, I was kind of flirting and concentrating on him. When we got to our hall, we needed to make a turn. Apparently, I...


Trampoline Trauma

A few weeks ago, I went to a party at my crush's house. He had a trampoline and since I have been taking gymnastics for two years, I decided to show off my moves. As I got on the trampoline...


Door Duel

I was in line to sign in at my dance lesson and there was a SUPER hot guy in front of me. I was acting all cool and after I signed in, I was still staring at him. As he...


Spanish Screw Up

I was in the middle of Spanish class and I was sitting right next to my crush. I got so preoccupied with staring at him that I wasn't paying any attention to the teacher. When she asked me a question...


A Rowdy Recess

One day, we were at recess and a bunch of us were playing football. I was on my crush's team. He passed the ball to me and I ran. Every one was chasing after me to get the ball and...


Tummy Turner

My friend and I went to go see a movie and a bunch of guys were there. One guy that I really liked sat next to me and shared some candy with me. We ended up eating a few bags...


Freeze Frame Flub

My best friend and I were goofing around in the computer lab and playing on paint. There was class going on and my crush was in there. My friend wrote, "Brooklynn likes Josh". I turned bright red and we started...


A Cringe-Worthy Cheer

One time, I was showing off my cheerleading skills to people when I was in P.E. We were outside and my crush walked up to see. I decided to do my bow and arrow stunt while wearing jeans. I went...


Football Fumble

We were playing flag football in P.E. and I was trying to impress my crush. My friend threw me the ball and I ran to score a touchdown. I thought I was just running really fast because I didn't see...


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