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crush confessions

Football Fumble

We were playing flag football in P.E. and I was trying to impress my crush. My friend threw me the ball and I ran to score a touchdown. I thought I was just running really fast because I didn't see...


Speaker Slip Up

My friend Sarah came over to my house and we were about to get in the pool when my crush called. I picked up and put it on speaker so Sarah could hear. As I talked to him, I thought...


Gossip Mom

I was shopping around in Walmart and I walked by a guy I kinda recognized but I wasn't sure so I kept going. Later, I saw my mom talking to him and his dad. I walked over because I wanted...


Doodling Disaster

I was absent from school one day and the next day, we had a test. When I was absent, the class had put together a packet of notes to use during the test. My teacher came over to my table...


Flipped for Kicks

During warm-ups for marching band, we were all goofing around because the band director was busy working with something else. It was really cold, so we were dancing around trying to keep warm. We started having a contest to see...


A Wii Bit Humiliating

One day, I was playing Wii Fit and I just unlocked advanced step. It was a really nice day so I had the window open to let the sun in. I was really getting into advanced step and I started...


Runway Redo

In my town, we always have an annual fashion show. This year I was old enough (finally!) to enter, so I did. As I was changing into my clothes, I realized that I didn't have a strapless bra, so I...


Flexible Fray

We were doing yoga in class one time and my crush was right behind me. I thought I could impress him by showing how flexible I am. We did all these odd looking yoga poses and when we did the...


Softball Stinker

Once, I was at my softball game and was working the scoreboard. This cute guy I had just met was sitting behind me and we had been flirting. I hadn't been feeling so well and I coughed. When I...


Arch Enemy

I was at my brother's best friend's house, who just happens to be my crush's little brother. We were playing hide and go seek. I was running and my crush was about to tag me when all of a sudden...


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