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crush confessions

Trippin' on the Courts

Last year at my tennis classes the guy of my DREAMS was on the court beside me. I kept seeing him look at me and was lovin' the attention, so I jumped up to hit a ball coming my...


Skating on Ice

All of my girl friends decided to go to the ice rink. We thought it would be more intresting to invite some guys to come along too. When we were skating, I was flirting with this really cute guy...


He's the Star of the Show

For one of my classes, I was put in charge of filming the different groups' projects. When my crush’s group came out to film, I was so excited. While I was filming I directed the camera at him the entire...


Flirty Texts - to his MOM!?

I had just gotten my crush’s phone number, so I did as any girl would do and started texting him. Well, it turns out that the number belonged to his mom! I had been texting his mom in a...


Twin Trouble!

I have a BFF who’s got a twin brother that I’ve had a crush on since last summer. My friend is totally okay with it, so much so that she’s been trying to get him to like me back! One...


My Crush Makes Me Melt!

One time at school I was walking with my friend when I ran into a metal pole. I had to go to the office to get some ice. I got back to the classroom and sat down, when I started...


Library Lipsyncher

I stayed late after school one day and was in the library, doing my research project and listening to my iPod. I was pretty much by myself. My fav song came on, so I started humming, and then...


Yikes - Hi, Mom!

I have this guy friend and we went to the movies together. In the middle of the movie, when he started kissing me, someone kicked the back of my seat. When I turned around I realized it was my mom...


Fatal Fart

One day I was at my friend's soccer game and they scored a point so I stood up with the crowd. Right then I realized I had to fart and figured I could since the crowd was going wild and it...


Bikini Blunder

I was at a pool party one day and my crush was there. I wanted to get a tan for summer so I unclipped my bikini straps so I didn't get weird tan lines. I got so bored that I fell asleep...


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