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crush confessions

Swingin' Free

One time in the middle of a school break, I was swinging when the bell rang to come back inside. I jumped out of the swing and the skirt I was wearing flew right up! The worst part was that...


A Suprise Visit from Aunt Flow

I was sitting on my boyfriend's lap when I got my period out of the blue. Suddenly my BF yelled out "Uh...something is wet on my pants." As I stood up I saw that there was a dark...


Treadmill Trip

I was at the gym and these cute guys came in just as I was about to go on the treadmill. I wanted to impress them with my running skills and wasn't paying attention to how high the speed...


Shower Shock!

I got in the shower right before my BFF was coming over so we could go to her house. I heard banging on the bathroom door so I just assumed it was her fooling around. I came out of the...


Gas Attack

I was eating lunch with my boyfriend when I accidentally dropped his napkin on the floor. I bent over to get it and farted in his face! Only a few minutes later, he dumped me because I had embarrassed him...


What a Dance!

One day me and my bff were at the mall. It wasn't very crowded so we started goofing around and doing all these crazy cheerleading moves. One of the dances caused us to move around a lot. We...


One With Nature

When I was at summer camp last year my older brother and his friend were counselors. His friend was so cute! We were taking a nature hike one day and he came along. I went off to go pee and...


Bathroom Blunder

In my old elementary school there used to be bathrooms in every classroom. When you turned the light on in the bathroom, a light on the outside turn on as well. This was needed because they didn't have locks and...


"Ya Wavin' At Me?"

I was at an amusement park with my BFF and I saw two boys I know. We were standing near them in the line and the one who was standing directly in front of me waved. I thought he waved...


Caught in the Act!

I was having an end-of-the-year party and my crush was there. We were playing truth or dare and I was dared to kiss him. I did but while I was kissing him, my mom,dad,brother and two older cousins walked outside...


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