dealing with divorce

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  • LIFE: Family

    Divorced parents making you choose? How to deal

    My parents have been fighting a lot and my dad left. He moved to a different state and wants either me or my sis to move in with him. The thing is, we're both happy here and if we go...

  • LIFE: Dear Carol

    Mom and Dad might get divorced

    Today my dad was talking about leaving my mom if some things kept happening. I have friends whose parents have gotten divorced, and it doesn't look the least bit fun. Is there anything I can do? -Parent Trouble Dear P.T, You can...

  • LIFE: Tough Stuff

    Bombshell: My bud told me her dad abuses her

    My friend told me her dad abuses her and is always drunk. Her parents are divorced so she only has to go over to his house every other weekend and a day in the week. I don’t know what I...

  • LIFE: Dear Carol

    Help! Life is just too hard

    For a while, I felt like I had everything anyone could ever want: awesome friends, no pimples (yay!) and a great family. Then everything changed. My parents got divorced, my dag began to ignore me, and my mom got cancer...