Election-centric nails

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  • STYLE: Beauty

    Day 3 of Election-centric nails: V-O-T-E

    Rock these V-O-T-E nails to encourage others of age to vote today, 11/6/12! You’ll be helping to secure ballots while sporting cute nails. This marks the last day of Election-centric nails. Happy voting! What you’ll need: Black nail polish White nail polish Paintbrush Hair dryer...

  • STYLE: Beauty

    Day 2 of Election-centric nails: Star-spangled mani

    There’s nothing like stars to represent your patriotic pride! Try sportin’ this look for the day before Election Day. Election-centric nails continues with Day 2! What you’ll need: White nail polish Red nail polish Blue nail polish Clear nail polish Red and blue small star...

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