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embarrassing moments

Car Confusion

I used to take hour long dance classes a few years ago. My class wouldn't end until 10 at night, so I was usually pretty tired when I was finished. One night, I walked up to what I thought was...


Boogie Blues

One day I was swimming at the pool and trying to impress the really cute lifeguard. Then my dad walked up to me and said, "Hey Melissa, you have a big booger in your nose." Really loud. I was mortified...


Bra Busted

My older sister had her friends over one night. One of them is my BFF and she was mad because this girl she hated was there, so she came up to my room. Her friend (who is the guy I...


Fashion Flasher

Once a friend and I were playing fashion show. When we went downstairs to show her parents our outfits. Well, my top fell off in front of her parents, and even though I laughed about it I was still really...


Whoops, Wrong Dad!

We just had our band concert and my two friends and I were waiting outside for our parents to pick us up. A van pulled up and I was sure it was my dad, so I walked over and tugged...


Deodorant Over-Load

I had just gotten out of P.E. class and went to Language Arts where I raised my hand to ask a question. This one guy was looking at me weird so I looked around and realized I had deodorant all...


Parking Meter Mishap

I was walking down a sidewalk on my way to the movie theater one day. I saw this really cute guy and I wanted to see if he was looking at me. At the same time there was this parking...


Flag Down

We always have a flag football game where it is students vs. teachers at my school. I was picked to play the game. My really cute male teacher was going to make a touchdown, so I ran really fast so I could...


Orange Juice Accident

One time I was eating breakfast at school with all of my friends. My crush was at the table next to us so I said a joke to look good. Well, one of my friends was laughing so hard she accidentally knocked...


Bikini Blunder

I was at a pool party one day and my crush was there. I wanted to get a tan for summer so I unclipped my bikini straps so I didn't get weird tan lines. I got so bored that I fell asleep...


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