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embarrassing moments

Smooch Snafu

My Boy Friend and I were playing this sort of game where we would spent one whole day devoted to sneaking up on each other and then randomly planting a big kiss on each other's face. It was all really...


Ill Fortune

A few of my friends and I were at the mall but I wasn't feeling too good. My friend nudged me and said, "OMG there's 'Ted,'" my crush! He was on the level under us. So when I went to...


Playing a Red Note

I was in school one day and I was on my period. I was sitting in choir class and my teacher asked everyone to stand. As I stood, I noticed something red on the risers. I brushed it off and...


Chewing Gum Disaster

I was going out with this guy that I really liked but just starting to get to know. He came up to give me a hug one day and I was chewing gum. He came up next to me, and...


Accident Prone

I was eating with my friends one day during lunch, when one of my friends reached over to grab a cookie from my other friend, and knocked over my water bottle by accident. I got water all over my pants...


Parental Guidance Not Suggested

I was at the movie theater with my mom and my BFF. My mom went to get snacks during the previews and when she came back with our drinks, she tripped over my friend's foot and spilled some of my...


Sweaty Situation

I was sitting in math one day, and I raised my hand to ask a question. Everyone was just staring and me and I couldn't figure out why. My friend turned around, and said, "Hey, you have really big sweat...


Mixed Signal

A few months ago, I decided I was going to be brave and confess my love to my crush. I called his cell but he didn't answer so I left him a voicemail saying who it was, "I like you,"...


Forgetful Reader

I was in driver's ed one day and we had visitors that were telling us about snow plowing. Everybody in the class had to read part of this paper the visitors had passed out. It was my turn to read...


Snotty Sistah

One day during class, my BFF and I were talking to some cute boys, and they were telling us jokes. One of them told us a really funny one and I laughed so hard snot flew out of my nose...


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