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    7 easy ways to make your eyes pop

    It’s time to get gorgeous. We’ve got seven (count ‘em!) ways to make your eyes totally pop (because let's face it, they deserve to make a statement, too). From flirty fake lashes to perfecting your eyeliner, we’re showin’ ya the...

  • STYLE: fashion

    4 ways to get camera-ready before your spring dance

    With the spring dance just around the corner, it's time to start practicing your pose. You know what we mean-there'll be tons of photo ops--from getting ready with your gals to Mom and Dad wanting to snap shots of you...

  • STYLE: beauty

    Ed. Obsession: Lazy-girl-glam makeup appliques under $10

    I love everything about makeup. It's no surprise I'd feel that way working at GL. Searching for new products, experimenting with new looks, snapping the final product—it's almost therapeutic. But, not gonna lie, sometimes I wish I could skip the...

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    Hair 101: Styling the pretty party updo

    Need a new look for your next party? There’s nothing quite as classic as a well-styled chignon. Clean and simple, this low bun-twist immediately elevates any outfit. We’ve been inspired recently by the pretty tresses on the red carpet. Pulled...