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    What to do right now to be a super sitter this summer

    It takes a certain gal to get this job done (if the thought of screaming children and late hours has you running for the hills, reconsider). Babysitting isn’t just work—it’s a relationship. As one super sitter puts it, “I love to watch the...

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    Psst! Calling all super sitters

    Whether you’re just starting out or you wanna up your hours, the key to being a kick-butt babysitter is knowing how to spread the world about your fabulous business. And to do that, you need a biz card that stands out. Lucky for...

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    5 things to do before your next babysitting job

    Whether you’re a veteran at taking care of tots or a newbie fresh on the scene, there’s always a handful of things you’ve gotta do prior to ringing that doorbell. Before you stroll through the front door for your next babysitting job, take...

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    Babysitting bootcamp: Tiny tot 101

    My aunt and uncle are coming to visit, and they’re bringing their six-month-old daughter. I know I’ll be asked to babysit her, but I’ve never taken care of a baby before! What should I do? Babies are so cute and entertaining, but...