GL's 20th birthday

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  • STYLE: Beauty

    Beyond beauty sleep: 20 ways to wake up pretty every. single. day.

    We’ve rounded up our best-ever tips on how to score some sweet beauty rest—and wake up looking refreshed, relaxed and oh-so pretty. (Yes, it’s possible!) 1. Shower! Showering before bed saves time in the morning but also soothes your body...

  • STYLE: Beauty

    20 hair ideas we love

    Every day should be a good hair day, right? If you’re stuck in a ponytail slump, get ready to change your look from frumpy to chic in a flash. From bangs to braids, we are counting down our 20 favorite...

  • LIFE: School

    20 tricks for squashing school stress

    Stressin' over hitting the books? It’s no secret that school can put some major pressure on you -- between math, science and english, we get it ...your brain is on info overload. But don't lose it just yet...keep your cool...

  • BOOKS: Rad Reads

    The 20 best teen books of all time

    School is in session, which leaves us daydreaming about the beach in homeroom. Although you may not be able to spend all day by the water (or have daily adventures under that hot sun), you can still escape to another...

  • TRENDING: Celebs

    20 girl power icons we love

    The saying “girls rule” is so true. We’ve rounded up a list of 20 of our favorite girl power icons who inspire us to be strong, successful, independent women.

  • LIFE: School

    20 ways to get all A's

    Kick the year off right with these super easy tricks to straight aces. No, we’re making you sit at your desk and study for eight straight a night. It’s more about approaching your classes and HW with a new attitude...

  • GL's 20 best-ever beauty tips and tricks

    Over the last 20 years, we’ve learned a thing (or 20) about beauty. Turns out that makeup really isn’t that mystifying, and hair curling doesn’t have to be that hard. We’re here to share our acquired knowledge with GL girls everywhere. Read on...

  • STYLE: Beauty

    The 20 best nail polish colors of all time

    We all love a great mani-pedi, but selecting the color that our nails will don for 2.5 weeks is a tricky task. Two minutes to pick a color before being whisked away to the pedicure chair doesn’t always give us enough time to...