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  • LIFE: Friends

    We're talking #girlsquads. Take the survey!

    Let’s play 20 questions.The topic? #Girlsquads. We want to know how you *really* feel about your girl-group. Take our snappy survey…and your story might appear in the next issue of GL!Ready? CLICK HERE to dish. Did you take the survey...

  • LIFE: Dear Carol

    Am I racist?

    I am white. Sometimes I don't like black people. It isn't because they are black. It's just that black people have a certain personality, I think, and I don't like it. All of the black people I know have the...

  • LIFE: Dear Carol

    The 411 on mixing friends

    I hang out with two groups of friends: my preppie friends from before and my sporty newer friends. My old friends complain that I hang out with my new friends too much, and vice versa. Last weekend, I stayed home...

  • LIFE: Dear Carol

    Tired of the trash talk

    One of my friends has been talking trash about everyone in our crew, including me. She’s nice to me face-to-face, but then she starts badmouthing me to our other friends when I’m not around. She clearly doesn’t like me. How...

  • Torn between two social circles

    My two close friends and I had a huge fight. While we weren’t speaking, I made new friends and became popular. My old friends and I are tight again, but I’m still really close to my new besties. My old...


    Create a sisterhood of the traveling journal

    So maybe you and your besties won’t be able to find a magical pair of pants to fit all of you like Tibby, Lena, Carmen and Bridget in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stay connected this...