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Play It Safe

We all had a total scare a couple weeks ago when sailor Abby Sunderland was lost at sea. Her misadventure was a li’l reminder for all of us to be extra-careful in our activities. Whether you’re hitting the road on...


Super Easy Ways to Eat Healthy during Vacay!

Summer might make ya think of hot dogs and fair food (hello, funnel cake!), but it can be super easy to eat good foods in the summertime. Fresh fruits and veggies make eating healthy way simple, and in some portions...


Yes! Easy ways to feel great by summer vacay

Stop fretting about bikini season! Now’s the time to get active and start feeling great about your bod. Keep reading to find out our new tricks that’ll give ya a healthy boost before June 1st. Love that! Take Your Workout...


Make a Summer Plan--and Get Started!

With sports winding down and the school year coming to a close, now’s the time to figure out what to do to stay fit this summer. Here are three ways to tackle all those open weeks and add a healthy...


Get the most outta your workouts!

Lotsa times girls complain that, eek!, exercising takes ages and they're too busy. Not anymore. Here are some tips for squashing the amount of time you waste on workouts. Go right away. Sounds simple, right? Think again. Take a sec to...


Keep Study-Stress at Bay

Feeling frazzled from the end of the year madness? Close the books for a couple and find some ways to refocus. Pushing yourself to a boiling point won’t do you any good, so take some time to keep your cool...


Good-For-You Treats!

Stay healthy this week by snacking on only good-for-you treats. Fruits and veggies are always a fab option, but sometimes a girl needs to mix it up a bit. We've got five ideas to fill ya up after school (or...


Tips to a Perfectly Healthy Complexion

It’s finally warming up outside, and we can totally feel spring on the way. With dances just around the corner, sports picking up the pace and plenty of time in the sun, it’s time to start paying extra-close attention to...


Take it Outdoors!

We know it’s still cold in some areas but, if ya can, try to take your exercise outside this week. A recent study found that while training indoors for certain sports can be helpful, it’s not an exact substitute for...


Take a tip from the Olympic athletes

We’re bummed to see the Winter Games end. And even though the snow will melt and the memories will fade, we’re still super-inspired by the Olympics. Months before U.S. short track skater Katherine Reutter medaled in Vancouver, GL got a...


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