I'm not ready to kiss

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  • CRUSHES: Dating

    Does he really like me...or is he just using me?

    How do you know when a guy really likes a girl or is just "using" her? I'm fourteen now and I'm dating my crush since middle school. At first I felt like I scored because I finally got him. But now I'm just...

  • I'm not ready to kiss—but my BF is

    I’m afraid to kiss my guy. Whenever he leans over to kiss me, I always make up some excuse for why he can’t. How can I overcome this fear? Dave: You should never do anything—kissing or otherwise—unless you feel comfortable...

  • CRUSHES: Dating

    Ditch your first date flutters fast

    Did that cutie you’ve been crushing on finally ask you out on your first date? Don’t fret! Be ready with these tips on what to expect and how to handle your first date jitters. Strength in numbers If you are very nervous...

  • CRUSHES: Advice

    Obsessed much? How to handle a smothering sweetie

    My boyfriend is very sweet. But we are young, and he always tries to kiss me and is becoming very obsessive. I don’t want to go out with him if he keeps smothering me. It doesn’t help that his friends are my...