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  • FITNESS: Wellness

    5 signs it's time to go to the doctor

    We know, we know: going to the doctor is pretty much the least amount of fun you can have, possibly third to the dentist and taking a state exam at school. But sometimes, you’ve gotta bite the bullet and make yourself an appointment...

  • FITNESS: Your Bod

    Bloody nose babe

    I've been getting bloody noses a lot. Usually every other day. Sometimes they're so bad I have to sit on the floor because if I stand up I black out. Should I tell a doctor? Yes indeed, babe, it’s time to get...

  • FITNESS: Wellness

    Get smart about cheer safety

    We all know that cheerleading can be super dangerous (think: high-flying stunts, major tumbling). March is National Cheer Safety Month, so all the GL cheerleaders out there and those of you trying to make the squad should take note. Here’s what to do...

  • How can I work out with a broken foot?

    I have a really big event to go to soon, and I have a little body fat. I need to lose it fast and safely. I also broke my foot, so it is hard to do some exercises. Any tips? Ouch...