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    8 easy ways to add more exercise to your day

    Burning a hundred extra calories a day is a snap. You don’t have to clock treadmill time to torch ‘em, either. All you’ve gotta do is add a little bounce to your step. Here are our favorite ideas to get...

  • FITNESS: Workouts

    Turn your chores into a workout

    The school year is so crazy, how does anyone find the time to work out? Sure, there’s gym class, but running laps and playing kickball aren’t exactly your idea of an awesome sweat sesh. Instead of giving up and lettin’ your workout...

  • FITNESS: Workouts

    Feeling ouchie? 4 moves to help those everyday aches

    One day, you do something awesome, like walk all over your neighborhood or race your bestie to the pool. And the next day, boy, do you feel it! Here are four aches we’re working through this spring, and four moves to help...

  • FITNESS: Wellness

    10 exercise excuses--busted!

    No more backing outta your workouts, babe. We’re blowing the lid on those oh-so famous excuses us girlies give to nix our fitness. 10 reasons why you can never cop out on getting your physical health in check again...