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  • LIFE: Get Inspired

    The not-so-secret secret to making money

    If you're young, one of the best not-so-secret-secrets when it comes to your financial future is knowing that time is on your side. Even more importantly, when you’re young you have more time to use the greatest power in the...

  • LIFE: Family

    Seven reasons your sister is your BFF

    Whether she’s older or younger than you, your sister is always going to be there through all your ups and downs. Sure, you argue about stuff here and there, but there’s a reason the universe destined you two to be...

  • LIFE: School

    How to survive the home stretch

    Summer is right around the corner and we can practically taste the iced cold lemonade and feel the hot sun on our skin. With vacation so close, waiting can be a drag. Surviving these next few weeks may seem almost...

  • STYLE: Beauty

    MAC's new makeup is out of this world

    “For everything, there is a first time.” That includes MAC’s new sci-fi themed makeup line, which is being launched in September to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the famous series Star Trek. The 25-piece collection will include galactic and supernatural style...