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Meet the girl who ditched prom to help the homeless

For lots of high school students, prom is THE event of the year. However, student Ashley Yong felt a little differently about the school dance that was on her classmate's minds. After saving up $250 to spend on the...


Feel Good Friday: This chick is a hit on the football field!

Step aside Bella and the Bulldogs, there’s a new football female in town. Can you imagine being the only girl on a football team and having to compete against all boys—as a linebacker? That’s exactly what this Colorado teen...


Chlamydia outbreak hits a Texas HS that decided not to teach sex ed

Sex education can be super awk for everyone—there’s no denying that. But no matter how uncomfortable those lectures may be, there's def some serious and important info discussed in the course that every teen should be aware of. So when...


Chipotle's new writing contest could help you pay for college!

Have you ever read the cool stories on the side of Chipotle bags and cups? Thanks to the restaurant's new essay contest, you could now see your own words on those signature supplies. The contest, called "Cultivating Thought," offers middle...


Are your parents splitting up? Read this... It'll totally help

There’s no doubt that divorce can be a totally awful experience––especially when it happens to your own parents. For whatever reason, not all married couples stay together, and unfortunately their kids can get caught up in the whirlwind and have...


Wanna ride in style? This luxe dealership is offering free driving school for teens!

Do your potential driving skills make the ‘rents a little nervous? Well, you can now put their worries to rest (thanks to BMW). The German car manufacturing brand is taking its two-day crash course in driving for teens to cities...


The Dutch teens who witnessed history: A unique view on the Baltimore riots

It was always our dream to work for a magazine, so when we found out we could do an American internship through our high school in the Netherlands, we began to search for a magazine that would be willing to...


How to survive your first BFF fight

Things have been a little rough with your BFF lately. It all started with a few rude comments, a little bit of talking behind your back (and vice versa), a couple awkward convos. Next thing you know, you're fighting—really fighting...


How two boy BFFs became the sweetest prom dates

We’re all about the ah-dorable promposals around here, and this one is big on bestie love. Anthony Martinez, a high schooler in Las Vegas, tweeted about wanting a fun date to prom. He’s planned tons of dances for his school...


8 hilarious things that totally make your day

Sometimes it's the little things that give that sigh of relief (ya know, like the moment you freak when something went SO wrong––but then it actually ended up being totally OK). Yep, we've been there, too. So to celebrate those...


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It’s Memorial Day and the smell of BBQ is in the air. What’s your fave cookout treat?


Win it: Splash into summer with *free* books every day this June!



So. Many. Reads. To. Win.

GL's Beach Blanket Book Club is back—and we've got over 51 books for you to score this month! CLICK HERE to check 'em out. 

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