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How to talk to your parents after a big fight

So you had a fight with your parents. It happens to the best of us! Whether it was something huge or something small that escalated, you CAN cut through the awkward silence and get back to happy—fast. Even better? Sometimes...


Why talking to yourself isn't actually that weird

Sometimes when I’m alone, I talk to myself. Is this normal? Dear Self Talker, It’s OK to talk to yourself when you’re alone. Many people say things to themselves like, “I can do this,” or, “I have nothing to wear!” or...


I have zero friends at my new school. Please help!

My family just moved, and I’m going to a new school. People liked me at my old school, but I don’t know anyone here. I don’t know how to act. Dear New in Town, You don’t have to act...


Thanks to a YouTube beauty tutorial, girls are suffering serious burns

If you love watching fun tutorials to learn new looks for your hair and makeup routine, you know that YouTube is the place to go. Unfortunately, not all beauty videos are equal—and one video shared by French beauty blogger Maria...


Feel Good Friday: Meet Sesame Street's first autistic character

Disney Channel's Girl Meets World tackled Autism Spectrum Disorder awareness for the teen and tween set a couple of weeks back with a special episode called "Girl Meets Farkle." In a new online storybook, Sesame Street is taking its turn...


English schools are banning sexist language

Have you ever heard phrases like “man up” or “you throw like a girl” used in your school? You're not alone. All over, people still use sexist language in casual conversation, whether it's to put down someone else or just...


10 signs your mom is your best friend

Sure, your mom might get on your nerves now and then, but deep down you know she'll always be there for you. Check out the top ten signs your mom is actually your BFF! 1...


How to deal with seasonal affective disorder

It's never easy when the seasons change from warm, bright and beautiful to cold, dark and damp. Shorter days and a lack of sunlight can contribute to seasonal affective disorder (also known as seasonal depression), a type of depression that...


My room is a disaster...HELP!

My room is an absolute disaster! My parents have had it with me and, through I hate to admit it, I feel trapped myself. How can I get it in order? Dear Disaster, If you could see my office, you’d know neat-and-tidy...


#BlushMuch? Four high schoolers spill their most embarrassing moments

We were expecting some funny answers when we asked a bunch of high school students to share their most embarrassing moments, but we def weren't expecting *these* LOL-worthy moments. Read on... 1. “ I accidentally texted my choir teacher ‘I...


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