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Lit Chicks Challenge 2011

Lit Chicks Challenge pick: Babe in Boyland

When high school junior Natalie Rowan gets a rude awakening—her Dr. Aphrodite school newspaper column is lambasted for being too sugar-coated and unrealistic—she decides to take matters into her own hands. It’s time to make a pilgrimage to boyland to find out what’s...


Lit Chicks Challenge pick: How To Die of Embarrassment Every Day

The thing about funny lady Ann Hodgman’s new book is that it’s not a boring—not at all. It doesn’t sound like your grandma droning on and on and on about her life from Day 1. Instead, it’s a collection of best-of hysterical stories...


Lit Chicks Challenge pick: The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland

When 12-year-old September is invited by the odd-talking Green Wind to visit Fairyland, she’s thrilled to pieces to leave boring Nebraska behind. But once she washes up on a strange shore, wiping Fairy gunk out of her eyes, she’s not...


Lit Chicks Challenge pick: What Would My Cell Phone Do?

When Aggie Eckhart follows her family to Alaska, she’s pretty sure life can’t get any worse. No besties, no popularity, plus tons of quality time with her crazy Cuban mom? Not exactly a recipe for success. After her fancy new cell phone...


Lit Chicks Challenge pick: Close to Famous

Need a pick-me-up? Ditch the cupcakes, cookies and brownies and grab this feel-good read packed with sweet treats. Foster McFee is a sixth-grade grad with a secret: She’s a whiz kid in the kitchen, but when it comes to cookbooks, she’s...


Lit Chicks Challenge pick: The Magnolia League

Hippie chick Alex hates sweet tea, sweaty Southern summers and Savannah’s social scene. But when she discovers she’s been born into an elite society of debutantes that’s dripping with secrets, it doesn’t take her long to find out that her...


Lit Chicks Challenge pick: A Tale of Two Castles

When Two Castles’ only dragon takes Elodie under his wing, she thinks she’s seen it all. But for a city overflowing with spies, thieves and poison, her assistantship with Meenore becomes commonplace and comfortable. But can she give up her...


Lit Chicks Challenge pick: Abandon

When Pierce Oliviera drowns, she’s sure this is the end. But after reuniting with a strange man from her past and escaping the Underworld he rules, she quickly realizes that this is only the beginning. No one believes her far-fetched...


GL's Lit Chicks Challenge!

This is the summer to end all summers! Wanna know why? ‘Cause this summer, GL is starting the Lit Chicks Challenge. We’re throwing down the gauntlet and daring you to stick with us as we read some of the best books 2011 has...


Happy Thanksgiving! What is one wish you are making on that wonderful wishbone this year?


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