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    Ten struggles all makeup lovers know to be true

    Being a makeup guru is totally great—but occasionally things go wrong and that new contour doesn't turn out quite like we planned. And when your eyeliner smudges after you've just taken a full ten minutes trying to perfect it? It...

  • STYLE: Beauty

    Your 5-step guide to the no-makeup makeup look

    Want to look gorgeous with minimal effort? Of course you do. The "no-makeup makeup" trend is the best way to show off your stunning natural beauty while still enhancing your best features—and not trying too hard. Rock this easy five-step...

  • STYLE: Beauty

    Queen Zendaya shares how to #GetThatGlam

    It's the night of the 58th Annual Grammy Awards, which means that our favorite celebs are dressing up to the nines, including Feb/March GL cover girl (and COVERGIRL!) Zendaya. As the face of the make-up brand, we already knew Zendaya's...

  • STYLE: Beauty

    5 ways to have the prettiest V-Day ever

    For the beauty editors here at GL, Valentine’s Day isn’t really about celebrating singledom or cuddling up with a cutie—it’s about an awesome excuse to get all girly-girl glammed up. A date is great, but we’re getting primped out on...