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Justin Bieber's collab with Ed Sheeran is bound to be your latest obsession

There's no denying that Justin Bieber has been through some—ahem—tough times over the past few years, but recently he's been hard at work on his comeback album, and now it's almost here. We've already heard "I'm Sorry" and "I'll Show...


Hailee Steinfeld's been hard at work on new music

We've been vibing on Hailee Steinfeld's voice ever since we heard her cover of Jessie J's "Flashlight" in Pitch Perfect 2, and once we heard her breakout single "Love Myself" we knew her original music was bound to be epic...


These four artists will give you serious wanderlust

Top 40 radio does an okay job keeping us apprised of great music around the globe (Iggy's Australian, Ed and Ellie are from the UK, etc.), but there's one major limiting factor: All the hits are in English. We decided...


One Direction has a very special announcement...

Ever since One Direction released their hit tune "Drag Me Down" this summer, we've been dying for more of their new music. We've also been spending way too much time imagining what their new album will sound like (especially since...


Rocker Ryan Adams covered Taylor Swift's 1989 (and it's everything)

When the news broke last month that musician (and many-time Grammy nominee) Ryan Adams was recording covers of Taylor Swift's hit songs from her album 1989, Taylor, an Adams-fan, basically lost her mind. Now that we've heard the album, we...


Exclusive: Isabela Moner's debut album is out NOW and we've got the scoop

100 Things to do Before High School only just premiered earlier this year, but we're basically already in love with 14-year-old Isabela Moner. After getting her start on the stage in Broadway's Evita, Isabela's making her name in TV—and now...


Exclusive: Maddie & Tae rock an acoustic "Your Side Of Town"

Maddie & Tae's debut album Start Here just dropped last week (8/28), but it's already exploding in the country world. It's no surprise, though, considering their hit song "Girl In A Country Song" officially went platinum in early August. The...


Are you ready for JoJo's incredible comeback?

Flashback to 2004: The empowering song “Leave (Get Out)” was all over the radio and everyone was playing it on repeat. If we're totally honest, it's still sort of stuck in our heads. It was JoJo's first huge hit and...


These teen singers are seriously talented (and Beyonce agrees)

Tons of teens love to film their own video covers of popular songs and share them on YouTube or Vine, but these three young artists shine above the rest. With their impressive sets of pipes, these girls are making serious...


Sabrina Carpenter's album Eyes Wide Open is out now

We've been jamming to Sabrina Carpenter's hits all year long, but as of today her full album is finally out. With twelve awesome tracks, Eyes Wide Open will be playing on repeat in the GL offices for weeks to come...


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